Apple and Google taking over the Smartphone Segment Nokia and Research in Motion (RIMM) have been forced to play catchup in their own Technology segment  to Apple and Google .Nokia has been losing marketshare,brand appeal and pricing power as Google and Apple capture the hearts and minds of the smartphone consumer.Apple has radically changed the […]

China with its $2 Trillion Foreign Exchange Reserves is on the constant lookout for cheap assets around the world.With its massive horde of Dollars and Euros depreciating on a daily basis,the Chinese government is investing in Hard Assets in places like Africa,Venezuela etc.  who are  in desperate need of capital.It seems that China has found […]

Thin Film Technology came into prominence with Polysilicon Prices ruling at $400/kg Solar Thin Film Technology is supposed to be  the 2nd Generation successor to the mainstream Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) Technology which accounts for around 85% of world production.With Polysilicon(c-Si raw material) being priced at an exorbitant $400/kg in 2008 (cost of $30/kg) due to […]

Oil Companies are coming under increasing fire in the aftermath of the BP Oil Spill which has exposed a lot of skeletons in the Fossil Fuel Closet.British Petroleum has already been exposed for the lies and deception with even the US regulators coming under criticism for lax regulation.The Oil Industry instead of owning responsibility has […]

Huge Chavez,the Socialist President of Venezuela who had tried to build an alliance against the USA with some success finds himself in a tight corner .His socialist policies which consists of declaring war on the bourgeoise classes has made economy into a complete basket case.Price controls,exchange controls,expropriating private property and arresting “capitalist enemies” of the […]

Bear Sterns was brought down as trading partners refused to provide short term funding to the bank.With Banks losing trust and faith in Bear Sterns solvency it was only a matter of time before it went bankrupt.The Spanish Banks are facing a situation somewhat similar though less acute than Bear Sterns did .Foreign Banks are […]