Introduction India’s Central Bank RBI is proposing to free up the Savings Deposit Rate which is currently fixed at 3.5% . All banks whether they be private or public, have to offer 3.5% to savings account customers.This is the only rate which is administered by the Central Bank,fixed deposit rates and lending rates are decided […]

Labor shortage and improved opportunities for workers driving up wages China’s massive manufacturing base near the Eastern coast has been driven by cheap migrant labor from the western part of China.Most of the world’s major MNCs have set up manufacturing plants s in China taking advantage of the low labor costs and government support as […]

Technology Wars has broken out between 5-10 Global Technology Giants as they fight it out on multiple fronts as the whole Industry sees rapid Consolidation.Smartphones is the Technology segment which is seeing the most intense fight between numerous players around the world.Apple and Google have shaken up the whole Mobile Industry with traditional heavyweights like […]

According to the Spanish Solar Power Lobby ASIF,the Spanish government (under Pressure with Spanish Banks facing Funding Problems and Spanish Bond Yields Rising) is proposing a cut of 30%  in “guaranteed subsidies” to existing solar plants . Under the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme implemented by countries to promote renewable energy,power producers are guaranteed a […]

Asian countries are being forced to impose capital and currency controls as zero interest rates in Developed countries moves speculative money towards Asia.The Lehman Crisis in 2008 had led to a global risk aversion of all assets with capital flowing out of the Asian countries as all “risky assets” took a massive dive.But with Markets […]

Spain,European Union and IMF all denied that a Spanish Bailout of Euro 250 Billion was being formulated by the international agencies.There are some people who think that a preventive bailout measure will reduce the ultimate cost of a Spanish Bailout learning from the lesson of the Greek Contagion.However despite repeated rumors,the Politicians have continued denied […]