China’s Central Bank had released a statement on Yuan Reform seeking to defuse international pressure.The statement which rambled about recovery,BOP,world macro situation,yuan history had a brief line about proceeding with currency reform.Even this one line had the US and IMF praising China for moving ahead to correct the yuan’s depreciated value against the US Dollar.I […]

Samsung plans for Leadership position in Future Green Industry Samsung had recently announced a shift in strategy with a major push towards Green Industry.It is now firming up its plan in the Solar Energy space with plans to¬† up a huge capacity using Crystalline Solar Technology.Samsung is a global leader in the Semiconductor area which […]

Valero Energy which is the US’s largest oil refiner has positioned itself strongly to take advantage of future shift in the fuel industry.The massive drop in Oil Price and the Global Financial¬† Crisis had virtually destroyed the US ethanol industry in 2008.Valero Energy had used the depressed prices of the ethanol companies to its advantage,buying […]

Indian exporters are overwhelmingly in favor of a fixed currency exchange rate as recent currency gyrations due to the Greek Contagion has made their lives very difficult.In a survey done by India’s Business association FICCI,88% of the respondents wanted the Indian Currency Rupee to be fixed as they were suffering from big losses due to […]

The Indian Defense Industry is great way to invest in an area which is Recession Proof and benefits from the one of the World’s Fastest Growing Economies.Here are Six Reasons that support that this thesis Pakistan – India and Pakistan have a long history of bloodshed and acrimony right from their birth when the British […]

Satyam scam tainted Indian infrastructure company Maytas has agreed to sell a 20% stake to Saudi BinLaden Group.Note Maytas Infrastructure was an integral part of the whole Satyam scam with the then CEO Ramalinga Raju wanting to merge IT company Satyam with Maytas Infrastructure .The deal had to be canceled under Satyam shareholder pressure eventually […]