China’s Central Bank Statement which signaled more flexibility in yuan’s fixed exchange rate to the dollar led to a major market rally in commodities ,emerging markets and even the US markets for a short while.However the euphoria that the currency appreciation would solve the global problems is quite delusional to say the least.Yuan reforms first […]

Fossil Fuels form the main Energy source for  humanity due to their abundance,general ease of extraction and high energy density.However the Environmental costs and the Loss of Lives behind their production is generally hidden from the public.The external costs of fossil fuels like Oil and Coal are very high and not explicitly paid by customers […]

Flextronics leverages it EMS expertise to win over Q-Cells Flextronics, the leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider has managed to successfully leverage its Electronic Manufacturing  Expertise to become the top OEM choice for Solar Companies .Flextronics came into prominence as a premier solar outsourcing partner when German solar cell giant Q-Cells gave its Solar Module […]

Green Investing gone Haywire Masdar,Abu Dhabi’s Renewable Energy company is facing a rocky time  as top executives have left the company or been shown the door.The resignation of its Research Head follows a long line of resignations and dismissals as its whole ambitious Renewable Energy strategy unravels.Masdar had tried to invest in almost every area […]

Language of Money papers over Rio Tinto tensions Australia has rolled out the proverbial red carpet for visiting Chinese leadership signing billion dollar agreements on mutual Trade and Investment.China will invest in Australia’s resource and transportation sector making it easier for resources to be exported to China.The Chinese speaking Australian PM reportedly entertained the visiting […]

China is planning to increase control of rare earth minerals mined in its territory after cracking down on illegal exports of these minerals.These minerals form an essential part of new Green Equipment used in Wind Energy,Batteries,Electric Vehicles,LEDs and Solar Energy.China has more than 95% of the world’s deposits of these rare earth minerals.It plans to […]