The Oil Industry which had gone on the defensive with questions being raised about their commitment towards  environment and society has learned nothing from the BP Oil Spill.This disaster had brought  the lies,deception and corruption of  Oil Giant BP in plain sight of everyone.However the strong civil society backlash has failed to reform the Oil […]

I had previously written about how Nokia’s Indian marketshare was being eroded by the advent of local Indian  players.This was very concerning as Nokia had at one time commanded 75% marketshare of the world’s fastest growing telecom market.However this marketshare has come down to 52% in recent days leading to increased margin and revenue squeeze […]

Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest countries with a high population density.Carved out of erstwhile Pakistan,this predominantly Muslim country faces huge poverty like other countries in South Asia.It has very little natural resources and its human capital is also quite poor.The Textile industry is one of the biggest industries with $12 billion in annual […]

The European Crisis which had been put into the backburner over the past week has resumed after the Much Ado about Nothing – Yuan Appreciation games.The Greek Contagion biggest potential casualty would have been the French Financial Sector which has a massive exposure to Greek Bonds.One of the reasons being responsible for the Trillion Dollar […]

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Price Cut makes Amazon scramble Amazon which was riding high with the success of its e-Book Reader Kindle less than a year ago is now fighting to save its blockbuster product from irrelevance.Barne  and Noble which is one of the biggest book publishers in the world and a major rival to […]

First the European Union raised an alarm over shortage of 14 materials used in new age Green Industries most of which are found in China.Now the US is thinking of taking over the issue from the EU as it mulls options to take the case to the WTO ( World Trade Organization).China has 97% of […]