Spanish Cajas have been in the news recently acting as the equivalent of the “subprime sector” during the US financial crisis.CajaSur was seized by the Spanish Central Bank after running into massive losses in its real estate loan portfolio.The Cajas which are socially run not for profit banks in general have incompetent management and little […]

China is already the world’s largest producer of Solar Energy Equipment with almost 50% of global marketshare and is looking to dominate the Wind Energy Industry as well.Now it is looking to extend its leadership to other sectors of the Clean Technology as well.Major global automakers are already looking to collaborate with Chinese companies¬† in […]

After the Dow and the other US indices crashed by almost 8% in the infamous “Flash Crash” during the Greek contagion,India got its own smaller version of the “Flash Crash” with Reliance shares falling by almost 20% in less than a minute due to a trader error.Note Reliance is the largest constituent of India’s Nifty […]

Nuclear Energy Reactor Market – Main Players The Nuclear Energy Equipment market which is supposed to grow to a Trillion Dollar Market by 2030 is dominated by Three Companies/Joint Ventures.French Energy Giant Areva,Toshiba-Westinghouse and General Electric-Hitachi are the three Combines ruling over the Nuclear Energy Reactor Market currently.There are also two smaller players Russia’s ZAO […]

ZTE and Huawei have been banned by the Indian government due to security concerns.The reasons for the the ban are pretty obvious with relations between these Two¬† Asian Giants remaining sensitive despite a massive increase in Trade in recent year. The Indian government seems concerned about telecommunication equipment sourced from ZTE and Huawei which have […]

British Petroleum shares have crashed by almost 33% since the news of the Gulf Oil Spill broke out.Despite BP being a stable mega cap Energy company which do not usually see big price swings,it has lost almost a third of its market value in the last one month.This is unusual for a MNC of this […]