The Gulf Oil Rig explosion has led to a virtual implosion of British Petroleum with the costs and damages mounting at an unprecedented pace for this company. British Petroleum the $200 Billion Oil Colossus has seen its market cap being shaved off by a massive $60 billion after the explosion.The Oil Spill which has been […]

The German Solar Feed in Tariff cut scheduled for July 2010 has got another twist with the Upper House of German Parliament Bundesrat not passing the Law in its current form.The one-off German Feed in Tariff cut has seen enough twists and turns to make a person go giddy . It all started with the […]

Fatpipe Networks a Chennai based company is planning to come up with ~$11 million IPO on the 7th of June,2010.The DRHP filed with SEBI reveals that it might be an interesting small cap company to buy . Given the flood of low quality junk IPOs hitting the market , Fatpipe Networks looks good on a […]

Unique Indian Telecom Market The Indian Telecom Market is a unique market in many ways due to the following reasons Fastest Growing Telecom Market in the world in terms of subscribers per month Call rates are cheaper than any other country in the world HyperCompetitive with 12-13 players compared to 3-4 in most other markets […]

Introduction to Coal To Liquid (CTL) and Sasol The Tata- Sasol Joint Venture has been working to set up a massive $10 billion coal to liquid (CTL) plant in India‚Äôs Orissa state with a capacity of 80,000 barrels of oil per day. South African petrochemicals giant Sasol is the world leader in coal to liquid […]

India has agreed to allow telecom equipment manufacturing equipment from ZTE and Huawei after banning them due to security concerns. Hectic lobbying efforts by Huawei/ZTE,Chinese trade bodies and the Indian telecom operators has made the Indian government change its decision.As a face saving gesture, telecom equipment will have to be screened by international security audit […]