The G20 Meeting between the Financial Heads of the the G-20 Countries exposed the rift between the world’s 20 most important economies.The issue of fiscal deficits,exports and currencies were at the forefront of discussions .The sharpest difference was between US which wants Europe and other developed countries to increase domestic demand and the European countries […]

India passed guidelines on the implementation of a new law that mandates that all publicly listed companies will have to raise the stake of public shareholding in companies to a minimum of 25%. This proposal has been on the anvil since last year when India’s Finance Minister had proposed this rule to increase transparency and […]

Microsoft arguably the most successful Technology Company ever Microsoft has been a Technology Colossus over the course of  the last two decades with its ubiquitous Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office suite  lording over the Computer Software landscape.Microsoft has been much reviled for its monopolistic behavior – Buying out or Demolishing competition(Netware,Novell,Lotus,Hotmail etc.).Its Windows Operating […]

Eastern Europe moves to the spotlight Seems these days Friday equals to Red for the “Risky Assets”.Eastern Europe had moved to the periphery of world’s attention with the PIIGS in focus following the Greek Crisis.Greece came under huge pressure from the bond markets when news was revealed that it had apparently fudged government accounts to […]

Can IMF Bailout a Country the size of Italy The International Monetary Fund (IMF)  is funded through contributions from its member nations, acts as the “lender of the last resort” for nations facing “Balance of Payments” problems.Since its conception during the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 , it has mainly been involved in bailing out […]

Why Algae based Biofuels Algae Based Biofuels have been hyped in the media as a potential panacea to our Crude Oil based Transportation problems. The advantages of Algae Biofuels are being propagated by strong backers like Bill Gates ,Rockefeller family and Exxon Mobil.Crop based biofuels have been discredited because of their pernicious effects on Food […]