The Indian Government failed to pass a law reforming the structure of state subsidies to the Oil sector .The Meeting between a empowered committee of Indian ministers was expected to loosen the control over prices of petrol,diesel and cooking gas.However the Government failed to make any headway citing high inflation as a reason to delay […]

The Spanish government which moved quickly to cut its Fiscal Deficit following the Greek crisis is now facing a major challenge from the Spanish Unions.The government has cut public sector salaries and is trying to reform the rigid labor laws.The hand of the government has been forced by the Ratings Cut and high yields on […]

Pumped Hydro Storage Introduction Pumped Hydro Storage along with Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) are the less glamorous cousins of Energy Storage Approaches like Lithium Batteries,Flywheels and Capacitors .The Green Investing Limelight has been firmly taken over by startups like A123 Systems which have failed to perform to their initial hype.Pumped Hydro Storage on the […]

The world’s Largest Technology company by Market Cap,Apple has decided to follow the Green Trend recently filing Two patents related to Solar Energy powering  Electronic Products.Apple known for its blockbuster consumer electronics products like the iPad,iPhone and the iPod plans to use Solar Cells both in touch displays that most of its products use as […]

The detente between the Ambani brothers which lead to the rescinding of the non-compete agreement has resulted in Reliance Industries  Ltd (RIL) being the biggest Winner in the win-win arrangement.While on one hand Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication which was facing a liquidity problem has benefited by being free to sell a stake in the company,Mukesh […]

Apple’s decision of not using Adobe ubiquitous Flash application  has raised a massive controversy, with Adobe portraying itself as a victim to Apple’s bullying.Apple on the other hand has listed out numerous problems with using Flash to access video on the Internet.Apple has also made it impossible for application developers to port Flash applications on […]