Fatpipe Networks IPO failed to get full subscription within the prescribed 3 days with the issue getting subscribed by only 70% .Fatpipe Networks Review had revealed it to be a decent buy based on analyzing the DRHP prospectus.The reasons for the poor response may have been due to doubts being raised about the intangible assets […]

China has put on hold new IPO’s from its fast growing Green Industry to prevent overcapacity and weed out small players.Though Goldwind (China’s second largest wind turbine producer) has received approval for the Biggest Green IPO in 2010 in HongKong later this month,others are facing hurdles.While no official communication has been released,Reuters reported that the […]

Masdar’s Amorphous Silicon Division in Trouble Masdar, Abu Dhabi owned Green Company plans to build a  Solar Thermal plant called “Shams 1″ near Abu Dhabi. Masdar PV has been in the news recently with the Dismissal of its top executives as its German Thin Film plant is facing trouble.Masdar PV sourced technology and equipment from […]

Green Investing in India has become a buzzword much as it has become in the rest of the world.However the Green Industry in India is at a nascent stage compared to other parts of the world .India does not figure in the Clean Technology race with Green Leadership being taken over by China with US […]

The Greek Contagion was precipitated by news that Greece has fudged public account figures to gain admittance to the European Union taking the help of Goldman Sachs (using structured finance products).This led to a heightened risk perception about the quality of Greek Budget figures and led to a Bond  Crisis which had to be ultimately […]

The Swiss Central Bank has added almost 50% to its foreign currency reserves in the month of May 2010 alone to prevent the Swiss Franc from appreciating.However this massive increase has not stemmed the inexorable fall of the Euro against the Franc.The Euro is now trading at an all time record against the Swiss France […]