Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs have revolutionized the Investment Industry in recent times due to their simplicity,low costs and ease of use.The US Market has seen a massive growth in the usage of thisĀ  Financial Instrument with a mind boggling variety of ETFs catering to almost every asset class ranging from equities,bonds,currencies,commodities and even derivatives.The […]

Most of these reports had been quite vague but a recent report explicitly mentions that Danish Pension Funds writing to Spanish and EU investors voicing their concerns.With such Big Players joining the fray,its no wonder that Spain is reconsidering its whole Energy Policy.

European countries have been hit hard by the Greek Contagion and are trying to outdo each other in reducing their fiscal deficits.Renewable Energy which is looked upon as good but not as an essential need is facing harsh cuts.Spain is on its way to radically cut Green Energy subsidies as part of broader economic reforms.Note […]

China’s communist government has always been wary over Internet’s power to undermine its vice like regulation and control of China’s society.China’s Internet censorship is the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the entire world.Note other countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan also routinely impose Internet/Facebook bans but their efforts are pygmy like compared to the sophistication of […]

Start of Google and Apple Rivalry The Google Apple Rivalry promises to one of the Greatest in Technology History with both of these iconic companies fighting on multiple fronts in Hardware and Software.The Technology Industry has seen some great rivalries in the past but this one promises to beat them all.Note Google and Apple were […]

India has seen numerous junk initial public offerings (IPOs) in the last few months which have either led to serious losses for the investors or have led to their not getting subscribed.Even good IPOs like SJVN are leaving nothing on the table for Indian investors.The list of the IPOs like Texmo Pipes,Jaypee Infratech,Tarapur Transformers ,Nitesh […]