Electric Vehicles are receiving increasing amounts of attention and dollars from established vehicle makers around the world . Nissan has already seen massive bookings for its much anticipated “Leaf” while GM is trying to revive its fortune by releasing Chevy Volt.Toyota which has been the leader in “Green Vehicle” race with its iconic Prius, recently […]

There has been a lot of media hype around the Standard Chartered’s  Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) offering which is going to be a First for the Indian capital markets. However I have a lot of reservations regarding this investment and think its probably not a great  idea to invest in this stock . I am […]

The Copenhagen climate talks which was preceded by a huge media hype and global expectations on a deal between nations on climate mitigation proved to be a  spectacular failure. The main actors and emitters of GHG emissions US and China were not willing to ink any deal and except for non binding platitudes nothing was […]

China is leading US in Clean Energy Manufacturing while it lags behind the US in Technology .While the US government is only thinking that they might lose the clean energy leadership to the Chinese,the Reality is that they are already behind in the Clean Technology Race.This is being confirmed from actions by US as well […]

Apple and Google have made Smartphones the most interesting  Technology Segment attacking each other with new approaches almost daily .Google has won regulatory approval to buy AdMob a mobile advertising firm after a long 6 month process , which gives it a stranglehold over the mobile advertising market .On the other hand Apple has proposed […]

The Greek Contagion has led to indirect negative effects in unlikely places all over the world with the Swiss Central Bank being one of the casualties.The Chinese government has been under fire from other countries for manipulating its currency against the dollar to keep it undervalued but the Swiss have received little attention for doing […]