The spectacular growth in Asian economies like China,South Korea,HK,Taiwan over the last two decades has raised millions from poverty to a middle class life.This has led to increasing education levels among the new generation of Asians.Parents have poured a large part of their earnings into children education which was seen as a ticket to a […]

Pakistan has been in the news for banning Facebook,Youtube and Twitter as pages from Facebook reportedly offended the sensibilities of the Islamic religion.Instead of just banning the access to a page,Pakistan authorities went overboard in banning all of the major Internet websites.Following Pakistan’s Internet WitchHunt,now it is the turn of Bangladesh to ban Facebook for […]

The whole BP Oil Spill story has been one long list of failures,lies and ineptitude by all the major stakeholders involved.The Obama administration,BP and the Oil Regulator have all been guilty of incompetence,procrastination,finger pointing and cover-ups.All of BP’s efforts have come to naught while dealing with the Oil Spill.The much heralded “top kill” operation which […]

BP Oil Spill continues to make headlines for the horrific environmental effects it is having on US coastal states .The whole story has been one riddled with collusion between regulators and oil companies,procrastation and lies by British Petroleum and ineptitude of the Obama administration.There has been constant passing of the buck between the main companies […]

The Greek Contagion throws up bad news everyday.Not a day passes by it seems when the Markets and the Euro are rocked from the PIIGS.The Spanish Banking sector has been in the news lately with the “Cajas” being seized or merged together by the Spanish Central Bank.Spurred by the Greek funding problems , European countries […]

An In Depth Review of Standard Chartered IDR revealed that its was heavily disadvantageous for retail investors¬† and that’s what the final subscriptions numbers¬† of the IDR listing proves as well .The Retail Portion was subscribed only by 25% –¬† a resounding “no-confidence of StanChart IDR” which was ostensibly done to raise the public profile […]