Biofuels were all the rage during the Bush administration which mandated the use of biofuels for the Transportation Industry.It led to a huge boom in biofuel stocks like Verasun,Pacific Ethanol due to a confluence of positive factors like a) Increasing Oil Prices  b) Regulatory Action c) Low Raw Material Prices.However Biofuels from Crops can never […]

For some time I have noticed that European Union has been coming down very strong on anti trust actions and price fixing against technology companies . These fines  usually consist of a large monetary fine plus some provisions to prevent such actions in the future.However US and Asia have not been involved in such big […]

Markets have become a very risky place both on the long and short side with governments coming up with new “bailouts” and “regulations” almost each day it seems.After the EU Bazooka created a massive short squeeze , the new German ban on “naked short selling” effective from midnight has led to US markets declining along […]

The EU bazooka which led to a massive short covering rally has fizzled out with the Euro below the level that it one week ago.However I think with almost 15% fall ytd against the dollar , euro might stabilize or even rise a bit in the short term.The fall of the Euro is giving more […]

India suffers from high population density making mobile spectrum a scarce and valuable resource for the 12-13 telecom companies operating in India.Even Vodafone which is the 2nd largest telecom operator  in the world has not been immune from these brutal auctions .The prices  have been bid so high as to make even the government worried […]

The Indian market has seen a wave of low quality offerings in the recent days propelled by the bullish conditions prevailing in the market.Tarapur Transfromers is a prime example of such low quality which I have described before. The fundamentals of these companies is a total mess to say the least.They just get managed to […]