The number of advertisements by Foreign Exchange Retail Trading Companies have increased dramatically in most of the popular Internet websites in India.These Websites try to lure potential retail suckers by showing pictures of ordinary people making regular monthly income by trading in Foreign Exchange.These ads are total misinformation as hardly any retail investor makes money from FX activity.FX trading is a complex activity at which even professional investors from bulge bracket financial institutions have a hard time in making money.Retail investors almost always lose money in FX trading particularly as Foreign Exchange Trading is a zero sum game compared to equities.Huge amount of leverage makes attracting gullible investors even more easy.The FX retail trading platforms have proliferated in recent days with Retail Trading having multiplied by 900% in the last 10 years to around $100 billion one of the popular trading platforms is coming out with an IPO in the US.These companies have benefited hugely on the back of suckering retail investors.Note these firms need a constant supply of new suckers (sorry customers) in order to run their companies.Here is a article from FT which describes the modus operandi of these firms taken right out of their handbook (IPO prospectus ).

Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Program is known to be source of tension for world powers was already known.But the WikiLeaks revelations has shown that the situation is more alarming than it seems.USA is not the only big power concerned with the Nuclear Weapons falling into the hands of Islamic Terrorists.China,Russia and UK are equally concerned with the high risk that this nuclear program poses.Pakistan has recently been torn apart by internal Islamist and Taliban terrorism bringing the economy to a halt.Floods and Earthquakes have exacerbated the situation.The Pakistan Polity is equally as corrupt and self serving as most of the other South Asian ones.Note Pakistan became a nuclear power by testing nuclear weapons in 1997 following India’s Nuclear Tests.

Manganese Ore India Limited (MOIL),the government owned miner has seen massive oversubscription of its IPO being subscribed 55 times and should easily reach around 60 times.I had written that the MOIL IPO price of Rs 340-375 makes the valuation hugely attractive which would lead to oversubscription.The fundamentals of this stock easily command a much higher price given its low cost leadership position in the fast growing Indian market.The valuation of the company was compelling even at a 25% higher price point as I had written earlier but at around Rs 6300 crore,MOIL had become a no brainer.
While some of the oversubscription could also have been due to people’s expectation of oversubscription,I think most of the demand was fundamental in nature.The Indian primary market is showing huge demand for quality stocks.Junk IPOs unless they are not manipulated are showing weak demand .Somewhat doubtful IPO of Claris Lifesciences was forced to decrease its price by 20% as there were not enough takers for the issue.

India has got only 45 GW of potential Wind Energy Capacity of which around 25% has already been exploited.Renewable Energy in India needs to grow to around 70 GW at least in the next 10 years which means that Offshore Wind will also have to play a part.India’s Wind Technology Research Institutions are already getting into the act measuring the Wind Speeds at different locations.Tamil Nadu,Gujarat and Maharastra are supposed to have good potential for Wind Energy.Tata Power is looking to setup a Wind Energy Farm off the coast of Gujarat.Suzlon which is the largest Indian Wind Energy Company is also seeking to generate revenues from this new sector.RePower,the German subsidiary of Suzlon has won a major contract to supply 6 MW Turbines to a Belgian Wind Farm in the North Sea which is fast becoming a Offshore Wind Energy Hub.

Chinese Solar Companies have increased their global marketshare of the Solar Panel to around 60% from virtually 0% in 2006.The Solar Panel Dominance of the Chinese has been growing since last year as Europeans and Japanese have found no answer to their cheap solar panels.Q-Cells,Solarworld and other European companies have been reduced to bit players in the Solar Market as the low cost Asians have ramped up their capacity and shipments in 2009 and 2010.The only reason that they continue to survive is the more than 100% growth in the Solar Demand in 2010.With oversupply expected in 2011,Europeans will be virtually wiped out from the world solar panel market due to their high cost uncompetitive business models.European solar factories are closing as the remaining companeis shift their production to low cost Malaysia and Singapore.

The low level of trust in the Indian government’s investigative and vigilance agencies was revealed when India’s Highest Court,the Supreme Court of India blasted the government for its choice of the Central Vigilance Commissioner.India has been rocked by a series of Housing Loan,Telecom and Land Scams recently implicating top politicians,bureaucrats and even army generals and admirals.However no one expects anyone significant to be prosecuted as the prosecutors themselves are compromised.It is openly known that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is totally controlled by the ruling party at the centre.The Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate also serves as puppets of the government being selectively used against opposition politicians and businessmen.