Russia huge huge wind and solar energy resources with gigawatts of potential.It also has great geothermal energy resources as well however most of them are not developed at all.There is no significant support for Renewable Energy Resource as well with Green Energy capacity in low double digits (15 MW of Wind in 2006).With Putin calling Wind Turbine hazardous to birds and causing Environmental Problems,It looks like Russian Leadership will not change its Fossil Fuel Centric Policy any time soon.While Middle East Countries are dead against Climate Change efforts,they are developing Nuclear Energy and some Renewable Energy for exporting more Energy.However Russia does not even want to do that despite being a leader in Nuclear Energy.

Ragpicking is a developing and poor country concept alien to developed countries of the West busy bickering over responsibility over carbon emissions.Millions of people in India earn their livelihood by sorting garbage and picking out recyclable materials like paper,aluminium and glass.This typcially earns $1-$3 a day which way below poverty line wages is still comparable […]

A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services is a Private Equity Promoted Facilities Management,Waste Management and EPC Company which is getting into the business of biomass energy.Company has fixed a price band at Rs 400-410 comprising of fresh issue of Rs 675 crore (~$150million) by the company and an offer for sale of upto 4.5 million shares by the selling shareholders.Note Renewable Energy in India has a bright future with around 5 GW of Renewable Energy Capacity to be installed per year over the next decade.However Biomass Energy may not be the best area considering the considerable expense and uncertainty in acquisition of feedstock.The Company already operates in 3 distinct sectors namely


A2Z is very similar in nature and valuation to VA Tech Wabag which did a successful IPO recently.The margin profile,growth and management is very similar.As such A2Z is a decent company however its not a compelling buy given the valuation.Note Biomass Energy is a tough sector to operate in and Orient Green Power has done badly since its IPO without having done anything badly as such.A2Z given the overall qualitative and quantitative factors seems a good stock at fair valuation.This makes the company a decent one to buy.

Midfield Industries which is a small low quality company did an IPO around 3 months ago at a very expensive price that did not justify the fundamentals.However the stock after issue kept going up defying the laws of gravity.Not a surprise here as the Indian stock market is an IPO pump and dump heaven for […]

Gujarat has been the biggest promoter of Solar Energy in India amongst all the other states.The State has already implemented a clear and forward looking Renewable Energy Policy with emphasis on Solar Energy.It has signed PPAs with a number of solar project developers under its State Solar Subsidy Scheme.While other states are looking mainly towards the federal subsidy scheme JNNSM to push Solar Energy Generation,Gujarat is looking to push Solar Energy on its own.Gujarat now has reportedly acquired 3000 acres at Charnaka village in Patan District which it will give to solar project developers to install solar panels.

Here Honda which is a Joint Venture between Japanese Automajor Honda and the Hero Group of India is restructuring such that Honda will exit the JV.Note Hero Honda has been immensely successful over the last 2 years riding a vehicle boom in India.While other autos stocks like Mahindra,Tata Motors have risen a lot,Hero Honda has been the star with its leading marketshare in the motorcycle market of India.The terms of the deal in which Honda will sell its 26% stake in the company to the Hero Group is very damaging to minority investors in the JV.According to the deal proposed by the Hero Group and accepted in principle by Honda,the Hero Group will get the 26% at a sharp discount from its market price and in return Honda will get much higher royalties for the next 3 years.This is an open and blatant looting of the minority investors.Note the beneficiaries of this deal will be the promoters at the expense of minority investors since they will have to bear the burden of much higher royalties in the future.