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India’s Supreme Court Extremely Shocked by Industries Minister Role in Farmer Suicides

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India has been plagued with a large number of scams and scandals in recent days.Not that it has made much difference to the functioning of politicians and bureaucrats.India’s Agriculture Minister was blatantly defending favored business interests while India’s PM seems more interested in Big Business Privacy rather than tackling corruption.The Stock Market after falling for a couple of days due to increasing number of stock market scandals,has returned to normal.However the Indian politicians keep shocking the country with even more and more brazen acts of corruption and nepotism.

In the latest instance,an anguished Supreme Court has called the behaviour of India’s Industries Minister Deshmukh extremely shocking.The SC was reacting to the Ministers’s shielding of a ruling party MLA who was fleecing poor farmers of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra with a usurious 10% monthly interest.Note this is the same region known for farmer suicides and for which India’s ruling Congress party has unveiled a number of poverty alienation programs.The CM has been found of overlooking and protecting the MLA from complaints of poor farmers.As usual expect no repurcussions or jail time for the guilty.

SC castigates Deshmukh for shielding MLA in criminal case

An anguished Supreme Court came down heavily on Union minister Vilasrao Deshmukh calling as “anachronistic” and “incongruous” his interference in shielding a Congress MLA’s family from money lending complaints by poor farmers when he was Maharashtra chief minister.

“Considering the entire matter in its proper perspective, this Court is of the view that the way interference was caused first from the office of the Chief Minister by his Private Secretary by two telephone calls on 31.5.2006 and the manner in which District Collector was summoned by the Chief Minister on the very next day i.e. 1.6.2006 for giving instructions to specially treat any complaints filed against MLA Mr Dilip Kumar Sananda and his family has no precedent either in law or in public administration,” the bench observed.

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