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USA Internet Giants (Amazon,eBay) Fight Wikileaks on behalf of Government exposing US Hyprocrisy;Will Google Follow?

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USA Big Business is waging war on Wikileaks as one by one,top US Web Companies take measures against the whisteblowing website Wikileaks.Note Wikileaks has uploaded thousands of secret USA government cables in recent days which are making headlines daily.USA Diplomacy has become an open book causing huge headache for the US government.These Cables follow leaks on the Afghanistan and Iraq War.The US Government has said that it might put an espionage charge on Julian Assange the leader of the Wikieaks website and threatening him in myriad ways.Now USA Big Business has joined the government in making it very difficult for Wikileaks to continue under the cover of US Laws.

Amazon,eBay Wages War on Wikileaks;US Tirades against Internet Censorship ring Hollow

Amazon was the first one to start a war against Wikileaks by removing the website from its web servers.Note these actions are not doing the image of these companies any good.There are not very good reasons for doing so as it only moves Wikileaks to servers in Europe and other places.All that Amazon has managed to do is besmirch its own name.Note Google has left China citing issues of Chinese internet censorship and cyberattacks.Now another US stalwart doing the same treatment on Wikileaks will make USA tirades against Internet Censorship quite hypocritical

Amazon stops hosting WikiLeaks website Inc has stopped hosting WikiLeaks’ website after an inquiry by the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee amid anger about the release of classified U.S. government documents on the site.

WikiLeaks turned to Amazon to keep its site available after hackers tried to flood it and thus prevent users from accessing the classified information posted. WikiLeaks said Wednesday it was now being hosted by servers in Europe.

Now Paypal which is subsidiary of eBay has banned Wikileaks from accessing money deposited in its accounts citing US Laws once again.Note Paypal has made its reputation as a reliable financial intermediary of online transaction.Freezing money on frivolous charges will hits its business  severely as netizens rething their relationship with Paypal.Might not be a bad idea to short eBay just based on this news.

PayPal Cuts WikiLeaks’ Access to Funds Amid Global Scrutiny

PayPal Inc., the payment processor owned by EBay Inc., cut access today to the whistle-blowing website for violating its acceptable use policy.PayPal suspended the account after the U.S. said WikiLeaks activities were in violation of the law, a spokesman for the company said. PayPal wasn’t contacted by any government agency and took the action on its own, the spokesman said.

PayPal’s move marks a further crippling of WikiLeaks, which is releasing about 250,000 classified diplomatic cables that the U.S., France and the U.K. say could endanger lives. Inc. dropped WikiLeaks from its website-hosting service this week for breaching terms of service.

Dynamic Network Services the owner of is another company which has acted against Wikileaks as its infrastructure came under strain due to massive DDOS attacks.The company is small and its grouse is probably legitimate.

The only other big US Internet Company Google has kept silent on the issue.With the Amazon and Paypal action,it does not look too far fetched for Google to blank Wikileaks from its properties for example removing Wikileaks from the Search Results aka Baidu in China.


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