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India’s Big Business-Politics Unholy Alliance – Agricultural Minister Brazenly Supports Favored Corporates

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The Nira Radia Wire Tap which has exposed the Big Business Takeover of the Indian government has failed to deter the politicians brazen corruption .India has been rocked by numerous corruption scams but nobody of significance has been prosecuted.The Commonwealth Games Scam main perpetrator Kalmadi roams about free even as minor aides face some token grilling and police remand.The Adarsh Housing Society has not seen any prosecution either with business returning as usual.The Complicity of the Investigative Agencies in damning with the Supreme Court of India blasting the Government and taking over the investigation.The CBI which is known as a puppet in the hands of the Ruling Party at the center has been castigated by the SC for failing to perform its duties.The 2G Telecom Scam throws of more instances of  shenanigans by top ministers of the government.Even the Tatas known for their clean image have seen their image sullied by their association with Nira Radaii who openly talks about buying a Delhi High Court Judge.The Supreme Court of India has called the tapes exposure mind boggling for its damaging nature.

Growing corruption mind-boggling: Supreme Court

Taking note of the Niira Radia tapes issue, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said it is like some “matrimonial proceedings” while observing as “mind-boggling” the malaise of corruption in the country.

“Not only are we talking about pollution of the Ganga for the past 28-30 years… This pollution (corruption) is mind-boggling,” the court said after Prashant Bhushan. counsel for the petitioner, an NGO, spoke about the nexus between politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists and journalists as “exposed” in the tapes.

Now the Agricultural Minister of India has come out brazenly batting for his favored corporate interests.It is openly known that Sharad Pawar is closely associated with the Lavasa City Project being built by HCC near Pune.The Company has criticized the Environment Minister for questioning the environment clearance.The Minister on the other hand wants to know why he was not consulted.Don’t know how Agriculture expertise will help in deciding the environment clearance of a Realty Project.But in case of India’s Business Elite anything goes it seems.Note the Agricultural Minister is said to be close business ally and played a prominent role in the recent cricketing scam as well.However as usual nothing came out of it as the politician-business unholy alliance brazenly runs the Indian government.

Lavasa project controversy: Sharad Pawar forces Jairam Ramesh on back foot – DNA

Environment minister Jairam Ramesh, in a hurry to revive environmental regulations in the country, is learning quickly that the Lavasa project is a difficult beast to handle. Two days after his ministry issued a show cause notice to the developers of the hill city, terming all construction work unauthorised, Sharad Pawar, the powerful NCP chief, came out in support of the project on Tuesday. On its part, Lavasa Corporation launched a full-throated campaign against Ramesh by issuing a strongly-worded statement and also filing a writ petition seeking a stay on the notice.

The ferocity of the counter-attack seems to have ruffled the normally unflappable Ramesh. “Lavasa is attacking me personally. It is unfair and unfortunate,” he said, referring to the firm’s allegation that he seemed bent on spoiling the township’s impending initial public offer (IPO) to raise funds.


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  1. Ganesh

    Following information is on wikipedia.

    Lavasa Corporation was originally registered as Pearly Blue Lake Resorts Pvt Ltd on February 11, 2000, with Aniruddha Deshpande, Vitthal Maniyar, and Aniruddha Seolekar as its first directors. The firm changed its name to The Lake City Corporation Pvt Ltd on December 12, 2000, and around 2004 to Lavasa Corporation.[10]

    On October 3, 2002, Supriya Sule daughter of Sharad Pawar was allotted 12.48 lakh equity shares and 26.64 lakh 6% redeemable preference shares by The Lake City Corporation Pvt Ltd. The other shareholders included Aniruddha Deshpande, Vinay Vitthal Maniyar, Jyoti Bhale, Arvind Bhale, Hindustan Finvest Ltd, Srivenk Investments Ltd, Venkateshwara Hatcheries Ltd and Janpath Investment and Holdings Ltd.[10]

    The shareholding pattern changed in 2004 and as of October 6, 2004, Sadanand and Supriya Sule jointly held 7.49 lakh equity shares and 29.97 lakh 6% redeemable preference shares of the Lavasa Corporation with a face value of Rs10. The Sules and other investors have since sold their stake and the shareholding pattern as of Aug 2010 is

    HCC through its subsidiary HREL – 64.99% [11]
    Avantha Group – 16.25%
    Other Investors – 5.95%

    Pawar/Sule seems to be out of this Test Match much earlier.

  2. Abhishek Shah

    Hi Ganesh,
    They maybe out officially but do you think they are really out ?