4) Parking Fights – Most of Indian cities are unplanned without any parking for most houses.This leads to a huge problem in terms of illegal parking.Even Legal Parking sees fights between neighbours leading to fights and sometimes even deaths.With thousands and millions of car hitting the roads every day and month,the problem is growing even more acute.No solution in sight as Indian politicians happily line up their pockets in corruption scams.


India’s Transport Policy is a total mess with no solution in sight.Public Transport is not given enough money or resources to make a difference while Indian auto companies are making huge profits.Construction of the recent Metro Railway to Delhi’s satellite city of Gurgaon has already been filled to capacity not reducing the pressure on the main highways which remain chock a block with cars 24 hours a day.India needs to massively invest in public infrastructure and dis-incentivize private modes of infrastructure like cars through congestion and fuel taxes.

AUO is investing massively in Solar Energy to build a multi Gigawatt capacity in partnership with US Solar Efficiency Leader Sunpower.Not only is AUO building a huge factory in JV with Sunpower in Malaysia,it has also made plans to set up a 2 GW Solar Crystalline Solar Cell Fab in Taiwan.This will be a 50:50 mix of multi and monocrystalline technology.Note the solar market despite seeing a massive 100% jump in solar demand in 2010 faces a huge supply overhang from a number of new large players.TSMC,Samsung,Hyundai,Saint Gobain,BYD are just some of the heavyweights ramping up their solar expansion plans.AUO faces a tough time in this crowded market which already has Chinese incumbents establishing gigawatt capacities.A new player needs to differentiate himself in the increasingly commodity market that solar modules have become.

In my previous missive I had opined that the US Solar Energy Policies were misguided as President Obama visited a Solyndra Factory and the US Department of Energy gave a huge $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra without any substantial due diligence or competition.Note that established solar companies like Evergreen Solar are literally crying for […]

India’s Cricketing Icons are considered as role models by majority of the youth.India’s cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar,Kapil Dev are revered in the country due to the huge popularity of the game.However India’s recent cricketing league IPL has been found to another massive corruption scam.No jail terms as usual but a lot of political turmoil and media jumping around.India’s top ministers have been indirectly implicated but nothing has happened as usual.Now it has been found that India’s top former cricketers are also a part of this Greed Fest.Sunil Gavaskar,arguably India’s best known batsman has got caught in a controversy.He has demeaned himself by asking for a huge payment that he was promised to be a member of the governing council of the corruption tainted IPL.Any upright person would have totally disassociated himself with the whole corruption game.By asking for a huge sum for his services,even this cricketing icon has fallen.India has very few role models left.