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Wind Energy Companies Categorized by Country and Wind Power Industry Major Trends

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Wind Energy Companies are increasingly facing competition from a host of new entrants into the industry.The dominants firms Vestas,Gamesa and Suzlon have seen their stock prices fall steeply due to declining revenues and margins.A number of  Giant Industrial Firms have entered the Wind Energy Industry to diversify from the slow growth in their own sectors.Korean Shipbuilders have invested heavily in the Wind Turbine Manufacturing en masse to take advantage of the secular growth of Wind Energy.Chinese companies have risen from virtually nothing 5 years ago to become Top 5 Global Wind Energy Players.Companies like Sinovel,Goldwind,Mingyang Power are now trying to spread their wings outside of China.India’s Wind Energy Industry is comparatively small but it has also seen a number of wind power companies setting up facilities with technology licensed from the West.The slowdown in the Western Markets has led to huge problems for dominant Western firms like Gamesa and Vestas.It has led to painful restructuring for Vestas which has fired thousands of  workers from its domestic manufacturing base in Denmark.Gamesa has also seen management and ownership turmoil as WTG Orders have evaporated and its competitive position has eroded.GE,Suzlon,Gamesa and Vestas are all investing in the Chinese market which has grown exponentially in recent times and which is expected to form 50% of the Wind Energy Demand till the next few years.

Major Wind Energy Countries from China
State-owned or State-controlled Enterprises

  1. Sinovel
  2. Goldwind
  3. Dongfang (DFST)
  4. United Power
  6. Sewind (Shanghai Electric)
  7. Windey
  8. Beizhong
  9. CSR (ZhuZhou)

Private Wind Energy Companies in China

  1. Mingyang
  2. CCWE (Huachuang)
  3. Hewind
  4. CPC New United

Major Wind Energy Countries from South Korea

1) Hyundai Heavy Industries

2) Daewoo Shipping

3) Samsung Heavy Industries

Major Wind Energy Countries in India

1) Suzlon EnergySuzlon Energy is the biggest Wind Energy Company by far with 4-5 Gigawatts of WTG Capacity per year.Its subsidiaries Hansen Transmission and RePower are also big players in the Wind Energy in Europe.The Company has seen its revenues and profits take a huge hit in recent times but has been recovering slowly.

2) RRB Energy – The company has a long history and manufactures Wind Turbines at its plants in Tamil Nadu.The Company has a capacity of 300 MW which it is expanding to 700 MW.The Company makes only 2 models with power rating of 600 Kw and 1.8 MW.Merill Lynch has made a small investment in this company.

3) NEPC India – This company was one of the wind energy heavyweights and a stock market darling earlier.However It no longer remains an active player in the Indian market .Heavy Debt and Bad Management drove to this company to the ground despite being a pioneer in the Indian Wind Power Market.

4) Auro Mira Energy – The company is more of a Green Utility rather than a full fledged WEG manufacturer.It has made plans to manufacture Wind Turbines in the future.It has attracted funds from Baring and IFC to push forward its Green Plans.

5) Regen Powertech – It is a small scale WTG Supplier like RRB Energy which recently set up a small 300 MW manufacturing facility in Tada,Andhra Pradesh recently.The company licenses technology from Vensys to manufacture 1.5 MW gearless Wind Turbines.The company has managed to supply both big and small wind farms over the last 2 years.The company is supported by the PE arm of Future Group.

6) WinWind – The company is not exactly a domestic company rather one with a Finnish Origin.It is owned by the Abu Dhabi Masdar ,Siva Group and the government of Finland.It has recently estalished a 1000 MW capacity in Venga,Tamil Nadu and also has a 500 MW plant in Finland as well.The company plans to producer 3 MW Turbines at its Indian plant as well.

7) Pioneer Wincon – The company is a JV between the Pioneer Group and Wincon of Denmark.It makes small 250 KW Turbines and is a bit player with 30 years of operations in India.The Company remains a small static player in the Wind Energy Market of India.

8) Chiranjeevi Wind Energy – A Small bit player like Pioneer Wincon which engages mostly in the sale of small 250 KW Wind Turbines.Like Pioneer Wincon it has sold a number of these Turbines to small companies mainly in the Southern Part of India.

9) Lietnar Shriram Limited – The company is a 50:50 JV betwen the Shriram Group of India and Lietnar of Italy.The company makes gearless turbines of 1.5 MW capacity and has supplied to small farms in Maharashtra.The company has a major inhouse customer in the form of Orient Green Power which is building a 300 MW farm in Tamil Nadu using Lietnar Shriram Wind Turbines.

10) Kenersys – The company is part of the Baba Kalyani Group which is a major forgings manufacturer in India.It was bought over in 2007,when the Kalyani Group and PE firm First Reserve bought over the German company RSB Consult.The Company mainly  makes 2 and 2.5 MW turbines and has production facilities both in India and Germany.It has wind design capabilities between 1-3.6 MW and with a powerful parent, it could become a success in the future.Amongst the newer wind energy companies like Lietnar,RRB Energy,Regen and WinWind,it looks like the one with most potential.

Major Wind Energy Countries from USA

1) General Electric –  GE is the only major Wind Energy Company from the USA and operates vertically throughout the Wind Supply China making it one of the most profitable Wind Energy Company in the world.It has a dominant presence in its home market of USA and is a global Top 5 Wind Power Manufacturer with manufacturing facilities located around the world.The Industrial Giant is looking to expand in China through JV with Local Companies.

2) United Technologies – UTC the Technology Conglomerate has recently bought Clipper Wind Power and is still a small player in the Wind Market.Clipper which was a small company had run into problems with the slowdown in the US Market and was facing liquidity problems

3) Northrop Gruman – The Military Contractor has recently entered the Wind Market in partnership with  Gamesa.Like other shipbuilders,it hopes to capitalize on the strong growth expected in the Offshore Wind Market

Major Wind Energy Countries from Europe


1) Siemen

2) RePower ( Suzlon Subsidiary)

3) Enercon

4) Nordex


1) Gamesa


1) Vestas

Wind Power Industry Major Trends

The Wind Energy Industry is currently facing a major period of turmoil due to a number of big changes such as

1) The entry of Asian  entrants

2) Rise of China as the dominant source of demand

3) Slowdown in European Manufacturing

4) Icreased growth in Offshore Wind

The Major Players of Yesterday may not be the top players of tomorrow as newer players jostle for the top position in the most important renewable energy market.Wind Energy Industry has changed dynamically from an oligopoly of around 10 companies to around 30 companies today.


Abhishek Shah

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