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China Leveraging Industrial Strength to become Low Cost Weapons Exporter Threatening Russia

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China is using its industrial strengths to become an emerging low  cost low quality Weapons Exporters.Note the Global Arms Market is dominated by USA and Russia with UK,France,Germany the other major exporters.China,India are the biggest importers of arms with most of their purchases from Russia.However the equation is set to change with China moving up the Technology Ladder to become an Arms Exporter.China has started to export fighter aircraft and missiles and is looking to export drones as well. Its major customers are countries which have difficulty in finding weapons elsewhere.Pakistan is the biggest customer with joint development of weapons with China.Note Russia has become alarmed over the developments as many of Chinese arms said to be copied from Russian Technology.

JF-17 Figher is a substitute for Russia’s mainstay fighter Mig-29 and has made the Russians see red.China has also become an important supplier of small arms to African countries.Note China does not have too many scruples regarding the political regime in countries.It is already a leading power in Africa with major investments into the African Resource Sector.

China has the potential to grow its Weapon Sales Exponentially copying it similar success in different industrial sectors like toys,textiles,electronics etc.Note the World Arms Market is a huge one wit h$600 Billion in annual trade.China has a huge space to expand its presence in the lower quality,low value added segment like small arms etc.

Now, China gets ready to enlarge arms exports by offering cheap products – AllVoices

China, this obsession with providing low-cost goods in the global export market is now using the same formula to expand the arms market. It has established an in Pakistan arms market and some African countries.

The National People’s Congress, China’s parliament has begun to discuss the new draft law to make companies and public utilities, defense product manufacturing industry to obtain preferential treatment by the government subsidy.

It is clearly the result of arms manufacturers in reducing the prices of manufactures in China, the purpose, sources said.


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