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7 Reasons Why the Climate Change Meet in Cancun,Mexico will Fail

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Climate Change in the last year has faced one hit after another which should culminate in the failure of the Cancun,Mexico talks which is to start on November 29.Note there are not many expectations from the Cancun Climate Change negotiations in sharp contrast to the Copenhagen Talks in 2009.Despite the global attention and expectations from the Danish hosted Climate Meet,Copenhagen was a total disaster putting Global Warming in the Backburner despite more and more evidence of the massive global harmful effects.In the recent year,the Fossil Fuel Lobbies have been trying to discredit the very agency in charge of spearheading the war against Global Warming.They have been largely successful with global polls revealing a distinct cooling towards Global Warming Efforts.China despite huge investments into Clean Technology is emitting more Carbon Dioxide while USA has completely given up its Global Leadership on the most pressing World Problem.Here are the Reasons why the Cancun Climate Change Talks would fail.

1) The Republican Ascendancy in the USA should make sure that the Feeble Efforts being made by the Obama Administration in Climate Change come to a complete halt.USA has been a massive laggard in its efforts failing to pass a climate and energy legislation despite numerous efforts.

2) The Global Financial Crisis Aftermath has become the most pressing problem for indebted western countries.With Fiscal Austerity and Budget Cuts becoming the main theme,administrators don’t have the money for the “luxury” of climate change mitigation.

3) China Emissions have grown by almost 10% in 2010 and more than doubled from 2000.While per capita consumptions of China at around 4-5 tons is still 1/4th of the USA,Chinese growth has ensured it has become the largest GHG emitter.There is no global plan on how to ensure development in poor countries without distributing costs across.Every country wants to put its interests ahead of other ensuring a stalemate to the detriment of all

4) Empty Rhetoric continues to be spewed by world leaders without any concrete action.Meets every year leads to more emply proclamations without any agreement like the Kyoto Protocol in 1992 which expires in 2012 without any successor.

5) Fossil Fuel Lobbies globally have overpowered the climate fighting dispersed efforts through massive money power.Fossil Fuel will continue to dominate despite higher costs .Newer Fossil Fuel Sources like Shale Gas are being developed despite their detrimental environemental effect.

6) Middle East continues grow Oil and Gas Exports without any responsibility towards Climate Change.Greed has made super rich Saudi Arabia to ask for compensation and removal of Renewable Energy Subsidies.

7) Europe and Japan which are the 2 most proactive regions in the field of Climate Change have considerably cooled to  binding target to Emission Reductions.With USA and China the biggest contributors failing to come to any agreement,it is not a big surprise


Climate Change has started already with massive floods and droughts being seen globally.The Warmest Year on Record has failed to wake global leaders to the Global Warming Problems as they remain concerned with their provincial and short term problems.Rich countries should escape with mild problems while poor island nations,Africa and South Asia will face the worst efforts of Global Warming.


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