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Yet Again China under Suspicion for CyberAttack on USA

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China has become notorious as an originator of cyberattacks on foreign countries and companies.Entities close to the Communist Government are said to be behind these cyberattacks.The list of attacked countries is constantly expanding with USA now becoming the latest victim.South Korea recently blamed China for a cyberattack on its facilities while Canadian researchers have blamed Chinese origin attackers for compromising Indian Government computers.The recent Stuxnet Virus which attacked Iranian Nuclear Facilities was rumored to be also of Chinese  Origin meant to attack Indian satellites.India has recently bolstered its cyberdefence capabilities after it became the target of a number of Chinese attacks.

Note the Chinese government has completely denied any wrongdoing and it is almost impossible to prove the allegations.However the Chinese Origin IP Addresses point to the Chinese origin of the attacks.One of the main reasons for Google leaving China was the cyberattack on Google computers.China has become the 2nd largest economy in the world and a major world power.With growing power comes more responsibility though can’t think of any global power taking much of that ( USA till recently believed in preemptive attacks on weaker countries).Growing cyberattacks will lead to increased security and restriction of the Internet which is to the detriment of all countries.Note the development of Networking and Communication Technologies has been a key element of the growing prosperity the world over.

US, China battle already underway in cyberspace – Rediff

Perhaps the most notable is the report that China diverted 15 percent of global Internet traffic to Chinese servers at one point,” he said, adding this incident, which occurred on April 8 this year, involved a Chinese Internet Service Provider which redirected traffic from 37,000 networks around the world to China.

Intriguingly, this year’s report from Congress’ US- China Economic and Security Review Commission notes that rerouted traffic included information from the US Senate, the Department of Defense and NASA.


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