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Prius Producer Toyota set to Launch 2012 Blitz of New Models to Consolidate Hybrid Vehicle Leadership

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Toyota is a Leader in Hybrid Vehicles with its iconic Prius the biggest selling  Hybrid Car by Far.Toyota has been cautious about the growing rush into the Electric Vehicle Category.It has tied up with the much hyped up US Startup Tesla to introduce an EV RAV4,however its concentrating its energies on the Hybrid Car Market.Note another Japanese Automajor Honda is putting its bet on the Hybrid Segment of the Green Vehicle Market.The Economics of the Electric Vehicle Market as well as its Carbon Footprint is suspect despite all the media hoopla being created around it.While the Competition has increased substantially around both the EV market and its allied Battery Sector,the profits are far off.Hitachi has forecast losses for the next 2-3 years as China and USA compete to create national champions in the EV sector with Obama aiming for a 40% global marketshare .

Toyota is set to introduce 11 Hybrid Models in 2012 to consolidate its leadership in the Segment.Note Hybrid Vehicles use a hybrid of gas/electric fuel to power cars.Note the Technology for Hybrid Vehicles is not easy to master and Mazda had tied up with Toyota to license Hybrid Technology for its late foray into the Green Car Industry.Note Toyota should face competition from Honda as well as Electric Vehicles being launched by GM,Nissan,Ford,BYD,BMW and others.

Toyota to Sell Plug-In Hybrid for About 3 Million Yen – Businessweek

Toyota Motor Corp. will sell a plug- in hybrid model for about 3 million yen ($36,000) in Japan and introduce 11 regular gas-electric cars by the end of 2012 as the company aims to keep its position as the leading maker of the vehicles.

Toyota, the world’s biggest automaker, will introduce the plug-in hybrid in Japan, Europe and the U.S. from early 2012 and plans to sell 50,000 of the vehicles a year, it said in a statement today. The carmaker will also add two electric vehicles including a model based on its iQ compact that can run 105 kilometers (65 miles) on a single charge, the company said.


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