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World’s Biggest Green Company Siemens Clean Technology Leadership to face Challenges from Giant Industrials like GE,Samsung

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Siemens is the world’s biggest Green Company reporting 28 Billion Euros from its Environmental Portfolio.This diversified Industrials German Conglomerate generates revenues from a diverse number of Green Sectors.While some of its Green Revenues may not be strictly Green as it includes revenues from high efficiency turbines and generators which are used for fossil fuel energy,nevertheless Siemens is the biggest Green Company.Siemens has a dominating presence in Renewable Energy (Leading Position in Offshore Wind),Lighting (OSRAM),Green Building Solutions,Energy Transmission and Distribution.The Company derives  30-35% of its revenues from its Environment Portfolio spread across its 3 Divisions.Siemens has done a remarkable turnaround in the last few years and its recent dividend increase strategy makes it an attractive mega cap stock.The Company is increasing its dividend yield by almost 60% t 2.7 Euros per share or 3% Dividend Yield making the stock an attractive one.Its focus on emerging markets like India and China should yield decent growth even as the developed markets slowdown.It has a massive technological advantages in Energy and Industrial Sectors which are not easy to replicate.

Other Industrial Giants will give a Siemens a Run for its Money

Siemens has planned to increase its Environmental Revenues to Euro 40 Billions by 2014 which is quite a big jump considering the large base.GE is its biggest competitor which is also rapidly increasing investment and research into Renewable Energy.Areva,ABB,Samsung,LG,Hyundai,Toshiba,Sharp,Panasonic,Mitsubishi are other industrial giants looking to rapidly increase revenue from Clean Technology.Siemens has a definite technological and incumbent advantages however the competition is quite formidable.Siemens has made important wins recently in the field of high speed railways,new generation high voltage DC electricity transmission,offshore wind etc.But it lacks size and scale in the fields of nuclear and solar energy and has little presence in the area of Energy Storage as well.While Siemens has bought Soleil in the Solar Thermal field,it lacks a Solar PV product portfolio.Siemens however remains a good long term safe green investment in a volatile cleantech sector.


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