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Greed is Good – India’s Role Models and Icons Fall to All Pervasive Corruption

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India’s Respected Army gets Tainted by Real Estate Scam

India’s Politicians and Bureaucrats have known to be totally corrupt and greedy so new scams breaking out daily does not surprise the common people much.Except in the post Independence period,Politics in India is not considered to be a noble profession with  most politicians considered to be steeped in nepotism and corruption.So the new Adarsh Real Estate Scam in India’s financial capital Mumbai caught some by surprise.While the usual politicians and bureaucrats were heavily involved,India’s former army generals and admirals were also found with their hands in the till.The land on which the building was built was meant to be given for army widows in the Kargil war.Instead a wide motley of powerful officials and politicians took multiple flats in India’s prime residential Colaba area at a pittance.India’s leading Congress Party has maintained a deafening silence even as its top ministers have been found to have flats in the apartment building.India’s former Army General Kapoor has now been implicated in multiple scams.Investigations have revealed him to be a “real estate tycoon” with multiple  properties in his name.Only conclusion is that he is as corrupt as the rest since a Army salary is even less than that of a fresh MBA graduate in India.Other former Army chiefs too have been found to be implicated.As usual don’t expect any jail terms or convictions just a media circus before everything returns to the normal.

Fmr Army chief Kapoor’s assets under scanner – Zee

Even before the controversy about his flat in the scam-hit Adarsh Society has ebbed, questions are being raised about former Army chief Deepak Kapoor’s ”disproportionate assets”. As per a report published in English daily Thursday, Defence Minister A K Antony is looking into the matter after Trinamool MP Ambica Banerjee in a letter to him drew his attention to the former General’s landed property. The MP has, as per the report, listed Gen Kaoor’s assets which apart from his Adarsh flat, includes a flat in Dwarka sector 29 in Delhi, three houses in Gurgaon, and a penthouse in Lohkandwala in Mumbai.

India’s Sporting Heros fall to the Cricketing Corruption

India’s Cricketing Icons are considered as role models by majority of the youth.India’s cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar,Kapil Dev are revered in the country due to the huge popularity of the game.However India’s recent cricketing league IPL has been found to another massive corruption scam.No jail terms as usual but a lot of political turmoil and media jumping around.India’s top ministers have been indirectly implicated but nothing has happened as usual.Now it has been found that India’s top former cricketers are also a part of this Greed Fest.Sunil Gavaskar,arguably India’s best known batsman has got caught in a controversy.He has demeaned himself by asking for a huge payment that he was promised to be a member of the governing council of the corruption tainted IPL.Any upright person would have totally disassociated himself with the whole corruption game.By asking for a huge sum for his services,even this cricketing icon has fallen.India has very few role models left.

BCCI and Sunil Gavaskar train guns at each other again – MSN

Omitted from the IPL Governing Council, a disgruntled Sunil Gavaskar has said that BCCI, the promoters of the Twenty20 League, has not paid him a single penny for his services. In a major revamp, the BCCI left out the former Indian captain from the Twenty20 League’s Governing Council at its Annual General Meeting in September.

The Cricket Board did not give any reason for Gavaskar’s ouster, but there were reports that it could be a result of a payment dispute. But the legendary batsman maintained that he had not been paid for the last three years which forced him to sent a “gentle reminder about the non-payment” to BCCI.


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