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Indian Generals,Admirals,Bureaucrats and Politicians band together to swindle Prime Land meant for War Widows

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India’s Political and Business Elite is known to break Indian Laws with Impunity as Corruption becomes more Blatant by the Day.India recently hosted the Commonwealth Games which was known more for its Corruption and Large Scale Looting than any Sporting Feats.The Politician Bureaucrat Nexus along with their Business Associates made a massive  amount of money without any fear of the law.Despite some tax raids and some feeble investigation,it is known that no one would serve jails terms.At least not the fat cats at the top,maybe  some minor official will do a year or two so that the government can be seen as doing something.India’s top vigilance official recently said that 30% of Indians were utterly corrupt and the  seems to be an underestimate.

Indian Armed Forces join Indian Corruption Inc.

The Indian Armed Forces is a respected institution known for its professionalism and adherence to the Indian constitution.Unlike a lot of neighboring countries,India has never faced the risk of military rule.However that pristine image of the Indian Military has been totally tarnished in the Adarsh Society Scam.Here Land meant for War Widows was appropriated by unscrupulous developers who gave apartments in the prime Mumbai area to every influential person.Former Army Generals,Admirals,Bureaucrats,mother-in-law of the  elected chief minister and various  others have got apartments for 1/10th of the price.It shows that in corruption matters,every ruling branch of the Indian nation happily joins hands without any turf battles etc.Opposition politicians  were also involved in this real estate scam.

Adarsh scam: Defence probe points to criminal conspiracy- TOI

A defence ministry probe has “prima facie” found a “criminal conspiracy” in scam-hit Adarsh Housing Society project in Mumbai in which some relatives of Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan being beneficiaries has emerged.Facing the heat over alleged irregularities in the project, Chavan admitted that two of his “distant” relatives were alloted flats in the controversial project but said they have given up their membership and sent in their resignations to the society today.


A controversy has erupted over how the Society originally meant to be a six-storey structure to house Kargil war heroes and widows, got converted into a 31-storey tower through alleged collusion of bureaucrats, politicians and top defence officers.

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