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Pennsylvania Risks becoming a Guinea Pig for Big Oil and Gas which has turned the State into one Giant Shale Gas Well

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Pennsylvania is the Ground Zero for Shale Gas Development globally with more  than 2500 Gas Wells in Operation.The State is situated on top of the Marcellus Shale Gas Formation which is one of the world’s biggest.It has attracted a huge amount of investment from both big and small oil and gas companies globally.Indian companies like Reliance and Chinese Companies have bought stakes in Shale Gas Developments in Pennsylvania to develop expertise in this Gas Extraction Technology which is perhaps the biggest game changer in Energy in the last couple of decades.Shale Gas  has grown exponentially in this state with around 25% of the state’s forests now being prospected and huge amounts of private land also being developed.India and China the biggest energy growth markets are now planning on auctioning off their own shale gas deposits for development.This makes the technology being developed and improved in Pennsylvania crucial for the Big Oil and Gas out there.

Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania has not been above board

Shale Gas has questions being raised about its environment friendliness with a huge number of reports of its water contamination features.The controversial Fracking Process leads to chemical contamination of water bodies leading to disease and sickness among local animals and humans.Shale Gas Companies and Local Officials have also been accused of conniving to break regulations and laws regarding water usage.Besides Pennsylvania risks becoming a guinea pig for Big Oil and Gas as it turns the whole state into one giant Shale Gas Well.Note the technology is new and there are other potentials risks and dangers which have not been adequately addressed.The order banning further development of shale gas development on state’s forested lands is a good one but won’t hinder the industry there.Note they can continue their activities on private lands and 25% of the forests are anyway under the thumb of the Gas Companies.Pennsylvania is important to the environment as the progress of Shale Gas will be emulated by countries like India who want to make Environment Safety an integral part of the Shale Gas Policy.

Governor Bans New Gas Wells on State Land – NYTimes

Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania signed an executive order on Tuesday effectively banning further natural gas development on state forest lands.Roughly 660,000 of the state’s 2.2 million acres of public forest land have been leased, according to department data. The Marcellus Shale Coalition, an industry group, estimates that there are about 160 Marcellus Shale wells on state lands and about 2,300 on private lands in Pennsylvania.


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