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List of Wind Energy Companies in India – Pretenders or World Beaters

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Wind Energy in India is the biggest Green Industry currently with around 1 GW of Wind Power Capacity being installed in a year on average.The Growth in Wind Industry has been driven by states like Tamil Nadu who have heavily subsidized and promoted Wind Energy.India’s installed capacity at around 13 GW of Wind Power the world’s 5th largest Wind Energy Producer.However India remains far behind China in terms of Wind Energy Growth .Last Year China installed nearly 13 GW of Wind Energy which is more than India’s total installed capacity of Wind Energy.With a target of around 230 GW by 2020,China is on track to install 20 GW of Wind Capacity a Year in the next 10 years which would make India a Pygmy.Also two of the largest Wind Turbine Producers Sinovel and Goldwind are from China.India despite producing a world class company Suzlon in the early states of Wind Industry Development is struggling.Suzlon has fallen on very hard times running big losses while other Wind Companies  are of hardly any decent size.

Offshore Wind Energy is the next frontier in Wind Energy Expansion and  Chinese companies like Ming Yang Wind Power, A-Power are aggressively investing to gain an initial advantage.Indian Companies on the other hand lack resources and ambition to become big players.With the entry of South Korean Shipbuilders and companies like Northrop Gruman,India will soon face massive competition.Wind Energy Industry in India looks to have a bleak future and will mainly become a technology buyer with small production bases established by foreign firms.Here is a list of Wind Energy Companies in India.

List of Domestic Wind Electric Generators (WEG) Suppliers.

1) Suzlon EnergySuzlon Energy is the biggest Wind Energy Company by far with 4-5 Gigawatts of WTG Capacity per year.Its subsidiaries Hansen Transmission and RePower are also big players in the Wind Energy in Europe.The Company has seen its revenues and profits take a huge hit in recent times but has been recovering slowly.

2) RRB Energy – The company has a long history and manufactures Wind Turbines at its plants in Tamil Nadu.The Company has a capacity of 300 MW which it is expanding to 700 MW.The Company makes only 2 models with power rating of 600 Kw and 1.8 MW.Merill Lynch has made a small investment in this company.

3) NEPC India – This company was one of the wind energy heavyweights and a stock market darling earlier.However It no longer remains an active player in the Indian market .Heavy Debt and Bad Management drove to this company to the ground despite being a pioneer in the Indian Wind Power Market.

4) Auro Mira Energy – The company is more of a Green Utility rather than a full fledged WEG manufacturer.It has made plans to manufacture Wind Turbines in the future.It has attracted funds from Baring and IFC to push forward its Green Plans.

5) Regen Powertech – It is a small scale WTG Supplier like RRB Energy which recently set up a small 300 MW manufacturing facility in Tada,Andhra Pradesh recently.The company licenses technology from Vensys to manufacture 1.5 MW gearless Wind Turbines.The company has managed to supply both big and small wind farms over the last 2 years.The company is supported by the PE arm of Future Group.

6) WinWind – The company is not exactly a domestic company rather one with a Finnish Origin.It is owned by the Abu Dhabi Masdar ,Siva Group and the government of Finland.It has recently estalished a 1000 MW capacity in Venga,Tamil Nadu and also has a 500 MW plant in Finland as well.The company plans to producer 3 MW Turbines at its Indian plant as well.

7) Pioneer Wincon – The company is a JV between the Pioneer Group and Wincon of Denmark.It makes small 250 KW Turbines and is a bit player with 30 years of operations in India.The Company remains a small static player in the Wind Energy Market of India.

8) Chiranjeevi Wind Energy – A Small bit player like Pioneer Wincon which engages mostly in the sale of small 250 KW Wind Turbines.Like Pioneer Wincon it has sold a number of these Turbines to small companies mainly in the Southern Part of India.

9) Lietnar Shriram Limited – The company is a 50:50 JV betwen the Shriram Group of India and Lietnar of Italy.The company makes gearless turbines of 1.5 MW capacity and has supplied to small farms in Maharashtra.The company has a major inhouse customer in the form of Orient Green Power which is building a 300 MW farm in Tamil Nadu using Lietnar Shriram Wind Turbines.

10) Kenersys – The company is part of the Baba Kalyani Group which is a major forgings manufacturer in India.It was bought over in 2007,when the Kalyani Group and PE firm First Reserve bought over the German company RSB Consult.The Company mainly  makes 2 and 2.5 MW turbines and has production facilities both in India and Germany.It has wind design capabilities between 1-3.6 MW and with a powerful parent, it could become a success in the future.Amongst the newer wind energy companies like Lietnar,RRB Energy,Regen and WinWind,it looks like the one with most potential.

Foreign Wind Turbine Manufacturers in India

Besides the Domestic players,all the Major Global Wind Heavywieghts l have  Turbine Production Facilities in India such as Vestas, Enercon, Gamesa, Siemens, GE .You can also find information about Wind Energy in India from the following links:

1) Wikipedia



4) Wind Power in India


The Indian Wind Energy Companies are more of Pretenders than World Beaters.The Older WEG Companies like Suzlon,NEPC,Pioneer Wincon have become a shadow of their former selves or have completely shutdown.The newer entrants into the Wind Turbine Manufacturing scene don’t seem to have the resources or technology to become big.WinWind and Kenersys are the two Wind Energy Companies with the most potential.Suzlon Energy despite its recent travails remains the best bet to become a World Beater once again however its debt load and management don’t inspire much confidence.


Abhishek Shah

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