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N8 is looking less and less like Nokia’s Savior with Delays,Software Issues and Lack of Sex Appeal

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Nokia’s R&D Division has performed poorly

Nokia’s much hyped N8 Smartphone has been said to be the most preordered phone in Nokia’s History.However the lack of clarity on launch dates has dampened the enthusiasm of fans and investors.There have been reports that N8 launch would miss its September date and be delayed at least till October.This is another black mark on Nokia’s patchy record in product introductions.Note only is it missing out on changing customer tastes but also is failing to launch me-too type of smartphones on time.Nokia has one of the most experienced and well funded R&D Divisions but they perform poorly in competition with Apple,Motorola and HTC.These smaller competitors have  been able to launch greater number of phones  and made a big success out of them too.Compare this too the lethargy of Nokia.

N8 is looking less and less like Nokia’s Savior

Nokia’s Stock Price has fallen by more than 50% in the last 2 years and have stayed at the same level despite a huge 40% Global Mobile Marketshare.Despite a Tech Resurgence,Nokia’s stock has wallowed in its all time lows.Repeated Restructuring,Losing out to competition in India,Failure to keep up  with Apple has made this a “pity stock”.However its recent deal with Intel to launch Meego,a new CEO and N8 had given hopes to Nokia Faithful.However teething problems like the exit of the Smartphone Chief  and delays in N8 has made those hopes recede.Also Nokia has unresolved Software issues as it tries to balance between 2 competing platforms of Symbian and Meego.It has decide on 1 platform and put all its effort there.Customers are cagey about buying phones with Operating Systems without a large Developer Support and Apps.The Ovi Store with just 13k apps is no match to iPhone’s 250k apps.Its time for Nokia to put renewed efforts in order to resurrect its declining fortunes.


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