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Why does India’s Electricity Regulator need a Minimum Renewable Energy Plant Size for Grid Connection

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The Indian Electricity Regulator has reduced the Renewable Energy Plant Size for Grid Connection to 50 MW.This has been done after State Electricity Boards were not connecting Green Plants to the Grid due to the CERC rules.However even at 50 MW the rule does not make much sense.All the countries in the world are promoting Renewable Energy Sources by giving priority access to Green Power.However in India despite all the top level promotion of Green Energy through the JNNUSM for Solar Energy,the actual ground level implementation is facing teething problems

Banks are reluctant to lend to Solar Projects because of the Financial Condition of the State Electricity Boards (SEBs) which are known to frequently default.Now Grid Connection¬† has also become a problem.Only well connected companies can manage grid connections easily as there is no mandate in India’s Green Energy Policy to make the priority access to the grid.While the 500 MW Solve PV tender has received a huge response,it remains to be seen how much success the Phase 1 of the JNNUSM gets given the ground level hurdles.

CERC relaxes grid connectivity norms for renewable power plants – FE

In a move that is aimed at promoting green sources of power, the central electricity regulatory commission (CERC) has reduced the threshold capacity for hydro and other renewable sources-based generating plants to qualify for grid connectivity.

While the minimum capacity required for thermal plants to seek grid access will be 250 mw, hydro and other renewable fuel-based power plants with 50 mw capacity will be eligible for grid connectivity. Plants with less than 50 mw individual capacity can also seek grid connectivity provided their aggregated capacity is 50 mw and they agree to undertake operational and commercial responsibilities through a mechanism of lead generator.


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