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Despite Closer Relations,China Deploys Advanced Missiles against India and Taiwan

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China ratchets up the Missile Deployment on Indian Border

The US Military reported today that China has deployed advanced CCS-5 MRMBsT on its border with India.These missiles replace the older CCC-3 missiles as China upgrades it military hardware as border tensions have increased with India.India and China have a long 4000 km long disputed border with India and have fought a Himalayan war in 1962.Recently China has claimed India’s North Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh as its own territory.There have been diplomatic skirmishes with China trying to block a ADB loan to the state and giving different visas to persons in that region.India has so far remained muted despite some border incursions by Chinese troops as well.India and Chinese political and trade relations have improved quite a lot in the recent years,however the trust quotient remains low between the world’s two most populous countries.China has used Pakistan as a proxy against India and has also been blamed over cyberattacks on Indian defense networks.India has responded by banning Chinese telecom equipment firms over security concerns.The rise of these 2 great powers and the dynamics between them will be the most important event shaping the 21st century.

China deploys CCS-5 missiles on India border – The Pioneer

China has moved new advanced longer range CSS-5 missiles close to the borders with India and developed contingency plans to shift airborne forces at short notice to theĀ  region, according to Pentagon.In its annual report, the US Defence department said, to improve regional deterrence, the PLA has replaced older liquid-fueled, nuclear capable CCS-3 intermediate range missiles with more advanced and survivable fueled CSS-5 MRBMs.
“China is currently engaged in massive road and rail infrastructure development along the Sino-India border primarily to facilitate economic development in western China: improved roads also support PLA operations,” the Pentagon said.

The report presented to the Congress said despite increased political and economic relations over the years between China and India, tensions remain along their shared 4,057 km border, most notably over Arunachal Pradesh, which China asserts as part of Tibet and therefore of China, and over the Aksai Chin region at the western end of the Tibetan Plateau.

The Pentagon said Beijing remains concerned with persistent disputes along China’s shared border with India and the strategic ramifications of India’s rising economic, political, and military power

China’s Missle Strength Targetting Taiwan increases Four Fold

China and Taiwan remain heavily armed against each other despite huge strides made at improving trade relations.Despite substantial investments by Taiwanese firms in the mainland and fraternal historical ties,both nations bristle with arms pointed each other.China has reportedly increased the number of missiles 4 fold to 2000 targeting Taiwan.The quality and accuracy of these missiles has also greatly increased.China regards Taiwan as its sovereign territory and has refused recognition of Taiwanese independence.The recent sale of anti-missile missile Patriot System greatly incensed the Chinese authorities who responded with a missile test of their own.

China’s missiles targeted at Taiwan to increase to 2,000 – Taiwan News

Despite efforts to restore military reconciliation through pullout of missiles and confidence building mechanism, China is said to reinforce its defense along its southeast coastlines by increasing the existing some 1,500 missiles to at least 1,800 with an aim to counter America’s potential presence in the Taiwan Strait, said an intelligence senior official, according to Liberty Times report today.

Even if China is determined to dismount its missiles targeted at Taiwan to show its goodwill in the maintenance of cross-strait stability, the scheduled production plans of missiles will continue. A number of missile brigades wll still be established. And in fact, some of the exercises toward Taiwan are moved inland or replaced by war games, leading to the impression that the frequency of drills have been lowered, the anonymous official said.


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