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India and China try to curb GHG Emissions through Coal Taxes and CCS

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India-China Economic Growth leads to sharp increase in GHG Emissions

The 21st Century is said to be a China-India Century with these Large Asian economies expected to dominate the world through their fast growing economics and large sizes.Their economic development has led to a rapid increase in Global GHG Emissions making China the world’s largest emitter of GHG emissions in the world.India is also rapidly catching up despite a very low per capita emission of 2.1 tons of GHG emission per year compared to 20 tons for the US.China’s rate of emissions has alarmed scientists around the world due to its large size and high growth rate.Both these countries have pledged to reduce their energy intensity of emissions though without any international checks.While China has promised a 40-45% reduction in energy intensity by 2020 from 2005 levels,India has set a target of 25% reduction.

Per-Capita Emissions Rising in China – NY Times

Carbon dioxide emissions per person in China reached the same level as those in France last year, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency said Thursday.The Dutch agency said that per capita emissions were 6.1 tons in China in 2009, up from only 2.2 tons in 1990. Among the French, emissions were 6 tons per person last year, said Jos Olivier, a senior scientist at the Dutch agency.It was the first year since 1992 that the agency had not recorded an annual increase in global carbon-dioxide emissions. From 2002 to 2008, the average annual rate of growth in emissions had been 3.5 percent.Emissions from fossil-fuel combustion – including burning waste gas from oil drilling and other industrial processes – decreased by 7 percent last year across parts of the world like the European Union, Japan and the United States.

But in China, those emissions increased by 9 percent and in India by 6 percent, according to the Dutch agency. India surpassed Russia last year as the fourth largest emitter after China, the United States and the EU-15, Mr. Olivier said.

Global Warming Put into Cold Storage though India and China making small efforts

However the recent Global Financial Crisis has thrown the Climate Change Issue into Cold Storage.China has said that it might not meet its earlier targets while a Global Agreement on Reduction of GHG emissions remains a mirage.However both countries are taking initiatives to reduce GHG emissions.India has imposed a $11/ton tax on Coal while China is planning a 3 million ton Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Project in Inner Mongolia Region.India also recently partially removed subsidies on Oil and Gas products which should further reduce the usage of Fossil Fuels.All of these steps while not enough to prevent the GHG emission growth,shows the intent of these countries.India’s subsidy reduction and Carbon Tax will go a long way in promoting Green Energy sources like Wind,Hydro and Solar Energy.It is estimated that around $550 Billion is spend on global Fossil Fuel Subsidies.Compare that to the huge protests on minuscule subsidies spent on promoting Renewable Energy.More needs to be done by developed countries as well.While Japan and Europe have been quite progressive in this regard,USA and Canada have callously disregarded their responsibility.Both of these countries top in per capita emissions at  almost 20 tons.US has been making no progress on the Climate Legislation while less said about Canada the better.

India to Raise $535 Million From Carbon Tax on Coal – Bloomberg

India expects to raise $535 million from a levy on coal producers starting today, the first step by Asia’s third-largest energy consumer to charge companies for fossil fuel pollution.“This will give 25 billion rupees ($535 million) this year alone,” Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said in Mumbai, calling it “a carbon tax that will be used for clean energy.”

The European Union, South Korea and Japan are considering taxing carbon-dioxide emissions from burning fuels such as coal and oil to slow climate change. Australia’s new prime minister Julia Gillard said June 24 she would “re-prosecute the case for a carbon tax” at home and abroad after her predecessor shelved plans for an emissions-trading plan.

China Starts Building First Emissions Capture, Storage Project – Bloomberg

China, the world’s second-biggest energy user, started construction of its first carbon dioxide capture and storage project in Ordos in Inner Mongolia to reduce emissions.The project will cost 210 million yuan ($30.9 million) and will be able to hold 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, China National Petroleum Corp., the country’s biggest oil producer and the plant’s designer, said in a statement on its website today. The facility will start operations by the end of the year, it said.


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