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China tightens its vice-like Control of the Internet by clamping down on Online Games and Mapping

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China’s communist government has always been wary over Internet’s power to undermine its vice like regulation and control of China’s society.China’s Internet censorship is the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the entire world.Note other countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan also routinely impose Internet/Facebook bans but their efforts are pygmy like compared to the sophistication of China.It is extremely difficult if not impossible to spread information on the Web which the government does not like.Chinese users cannot access any information which is not liked by the Chinese government.Information on Taboo topics like the Falun Gong movement,Tiananmen Square or opposition to the Communist party is completely backed out.There has also been severe criticism from countries like South Korea,US and India about cyberattacks originating from Chinese locations.

China cracks down on Online Gaming over Addiction concerns

China has decided to further tighten its control by making it mandatory for online game companies to register the real names of their subscribers.Note Online Gaming is one of the most successful Internet applications with almsot 30% of China’s massive 364 million population logging in to play games last year.Chinese companies like Tencent,Sohu,Shanda and others have been hugely successful and remain one of the brightest shining spot in China’s Internet Industry.Despite the huge number of users,China has very few innovations in Internet Technology with most companies copying ideas from American companies.Baidu the most successful Chinese Internet company saw its share price rise due to Google’s withdrawl from China over censorship issues.This new regulation will make it more difficult for newer and smaller gaming companies as it will greatly increase the bureacracy and regualtion costs.

China Mills Huge Fees for Social Network Games – Digital Trends

China is well-known for its extraordinary Internet censorship and content filtering regime, designed to control information coming into China from other countries. But China’s government also has a heavy hand in regulating Internet businesses that operate solely within China. The latest example? The Chinese government is considering requiring social network games to receive approval from the Ministry of Culture, a publishing license from the General Administration of Press and Publication, and provide proof that the games do not infringe on intellectual property rights or copyrights. The cost of this approval and licensing process would total almost $1.5 million per game—a cost that would put most social networking game developers out of business.

Social network games have achieved huge popularity in China, just as they have in other parts of the world, with China’s Internet Network Information Center estimating some 92 million Chinese Internet users played social network games during April 2010. However, the Chinese government is concerned that many of the games include content prohibited under Chinese law, including violent acts and imagery as well as pornographic images. The regulations are apparently intended to ensure that social network games available to China’s citizens are in keeping with China’s mandates on Internet content.

China makes Licensing of Online Mapping Providers Compulsory

China is proposing to clamp down on the popular online mapping services made popular by Google’s free Street Maps application.The Internet Mapping Services which had led to the success of early movers like Garmin and TomTom has been upsurped by Google’s Free Service.This has led to controversies as it even allows terrorists to view sensitive locations using these mapping services.Now China is going to make all companies offering mapping services to register with it.18 local companies have already got approval with foreign companies scrambling to get a license as well.Google which has had a tense relationship with China may be the biggest loser,as it may be denied a license.

Google examining impact of new China laws on products – Reuters

China’s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping announced new regulations last month that required firms providing online map and location services in the country to apply for a license.The laws give China the right to close providers that fail to get a license, reported the official China Daily newspaper on Thursday.The paper also reported that the mapping bureau had approved 18 domestic firms to provide online mapping services and several foreign companies had applied for a license.”China recently implemented a wide-ranging set of rules relating to online mapping. We are examining the regulations to understand their impact on our maps products in China,” a Google spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.


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