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Oil Industry learns nothing from the BP Environmental Disaster,Opposes California’s Green Laws and Ban of Drilling

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The Oil Industry which had gone on the defensive with questions being raised about their commitment towards  environment and society has learned nothing from the BP Oil Spill.This disaster had brought  the lies,deception and corruption of  Oil Giant BP in plain sight of everyone.However the strong civil society backlash has failed to reform the Oil Companies.Andarko is trying to shirk responsibility towards its legitimate payments towards the Gulf Oil Disaster.And even as the strong public reaction against the biggest ecological disaster in US history continues,Oil Companies are using their massive cash warchests to fund opposition to Green Efforts.The Oil Lobby is now trying to stop a California Law AB32 which would limit the emission of GHGs from the states oil refiners and industries.It also mandates Renewable Energy to meet 30% of California’s Energy Demand by 2020 from rought 15% at present.

Texas Oil Refiners Valero Energy and Tesoro Corp are at the forefront of the battle against the environmental groups and the large Clean Technology industry.This Green Law  has become a key issue in the California Elections in November 2010.A defeat of this Green Law in one of the most Clean Tech supporting states would be a great victory for the Oil Industry against supporters of a cleaner and greener future.Huge amount of money is being spent by both sides to win over the electorate.Valero Energy is the biggest oil refiner in the United States and is the one of the biggest fighters against Federal Climate Legislation.Note Valero Energy has already bought up substantial biofuel capacity and research in order to hedge its losses.The current cat fight shows that the US still remains moribund and stuck in its climate change fighting efforts.The Oil Lobby in contrast still remains strong as ever.

Bid to suspend California’s global warming law qualifies for November ballot – LA Times

California headed for a high-stakes battle over global warming Tuesday, as an oil industry-backed measure to suspend the state’s aggressive climate-change law qualified for the November ballot.The fight will pit the state’s powerful environmental organizations and clean-tech businesses against the oil and manufacturing industries. It also arrays many conservative political leaders, including the GOP nominee for governor, Meg Whitman, against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a fellow Republican who regards the global warming law as a key part of his legacy.Whitman has said she would suspend the global-warming law for one year but has not endorsed the initiative.

The measure, launched six months ago by Texas oil giants Valero Energy Inc. and Tesoro Corp., comes as the industry has fallen under intense scrutiny in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.Under California’s law, known as AB 32, the state is setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, oil refineries and other industries, and will probably require that a third of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2020, up from about 15% today. New rules under the law would encourage sales of more fuel-efficient cars.

Oil Drilling Ban Overturned by US Court

The Oil Industry has also managed a minor victory by getting a US District Judge to overturn the Oil Drilling Ban put in place after the BP Oil Spill.The 6 month moratarium would have reexamined the safety regulations which had been compromised by the Regulator and Oil Companies.However the Oil Companies are oblivious to the massive damage being suffered by humans and wildlife alike as they can’t seem to wait to drill more Oil.The reason given is the loss in jobs and profits which does not make sense.The catastrophic loss of life,jobs and revenues from the BP Oil Spill is far larger.Not to wait to examine the causes of the disaster to prevent a repeat is grossly if not criminally negligent.

Judge rejects U.S. deep-water oil drilling ban – SF Chronicle

A federal judge on Tuesday struck down the Obama administration’s six-month ban on deep-water drilling and rebuked the government for “arbitrarily” imposing a moratorium that would cause “irreparable harm to businesses” along the Gulf Coast.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday night that he will issue a new order against such drilling, which he said would eliminate “any doubt that a moratorium is needed, appropriate and within our authorities.”

The decision by U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans was a major defeat for President Obama, who imposed the ban last month in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The administration had argued that the ban would give an independent commission time to investigate what caused the rig to explode in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, killing 11 people and unleashing the nation’s worst oil spill.


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