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Global Warming in Cold Storage – China’s CO2 emission Jump,Canada cuts Emission Target by 90%,UN Climate Chief Pessimistic

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Global Warming and Climate Change Mitigation has been given the Cold Shoulder by the World Governments with attention being diverted  towards the  Global Financial Crisis.The Economic Crisis has given a good excuse even for unaffected countries to water down their commitments to Climate Change .Canada which has been one of the biggest laggards on climate issues has watered down its GHG Emission Reduction Targets by a shocking 90%. Canada is one of the most heavily GHG emitting countries in the world with one of the highest per capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions.Like its North American counterpart the US,it has been severely lacking in tackling the Climate Change Problem.

China and USA are attacking Europe for trying to implement GHG restrictions on aircraft flying to and fro from Europe.While the use of  “Cap and Trade” Policy is debatable in mitigating Climate Change,the Issue remains that USA and China have been chiefly responsible for the failure of the Copenhagen Talks despite accounting for more than 40% of the Global GHG emissions. China has shown a 9% jump in CO2 emission in 2009,retaining the dubious honor of the world’s largest CO2 emitter .While China is promoting its Green Industry through subsidies and support,it has said that it will probably fail to meet the target of lowering its GHG emissions. The apathy towards Climate Change mitigation efforts is highly disturbing as the consequences of Fossil Fuel addiction is very real as shown by the BP Oil Spill.

The Copenhagen Climate Talks turned out to be nothing more than Sound Bites for the media and  the Failure of the upcoming talks in Cancun in 2010 is virtually assured.Its not a wonder then when the UN’s Climate Change Chief  says that   “I do not believe we will ever have a final agreement on climate change, certainly not in my lifetime,” .

UN’s New Climate Chief Says Final Deal Unlikely in Her Lifetime – Bloomberg

Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican who on July 8 will take the helm of the United Nations body that organizes global climate-change treaty talks, said an all- encompassing deal is unlikely to happen in her lifetime.Governments must instead focus on making incremental efforts to end global warming because the response “is going to require the sustained effort of those who will be here for the next 20, 30, 40 years,” Figueres, 53, told reporters today in Bonn, where the latest two-week round of talks is taking place.

“I do not believe we will ever have a final agreement on climate change, certainly not in my lifetime,” Figueres said. “If we ever have a final, conclusive, all-answering agreement, then we will have solved this problem. I don’t think that’s in the cards.”


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