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Apple goes Green – Files Patents Incorporating Use of Solar Energy into iProducts

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The world’s Largest Technology company by Market Cap,Apple has decided to follow the Green Trend recently filing Two patents related to Solar Energy powering  Electronic Products.Apple known for its blockbuster consumer electronics products like the iPad,iPhone and the iPod plans to use Solar Cells both in touch displays that most of its products use as well as the back end surfaces.Though Apple has not revealed any plans to use Solar Energy as of now,the Patents clearly show that it plans to do so in the future.The current state of Solar Cell technology will not lead to complete independence from the use of electricity charging,however with rapid advances in Solar Technology this does not look like a far fetched concept.Though not specific to Electronic Products,Samsung is Betting Big on Green Products through a massive capital investment plan

Apple’s Vision of a Solar Cell iPhone Supports Prototype in the Wild – Patently Apple

One of Apple’s more interesting patents kicking off 2010 revealed their aspirations of engineering solar powered media players. In Apple’s second patent on this very subject we get to peek at more of the detailing behind their engineering vision. Yet it boils down to two main points. Firstly we see that Apple envisions utilizing solar cell technology right across the board from iPod to iPad. Secondly and perhaps most intriguingly, we see Apple detailing how they’ll be able to integrate cell panels beneath their multi-touch surface as opposed to it being applied to the top surface of their media players as previously thought.


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