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Why is Europe always at the Forefront of Technology Price Fixing and Antitrust actions

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For some time I have noticed that European Union has been coming down very strong on anti trust actions and price fixing against technology companies . These fines  usually consist of a large monetary fine plus some provisions to prevent such actions in the future.However US and Asia have not been involved in such big actions.

The main reason I suspect behind the European Action is that Technology Companies mainly tend to be non-European without any big domestic lobbies to fight for them.They earn large amount of revenues and profits from the European continent with most of these profits being repatriated to their home countries.Big Technology companies are almost absent from Europe and can be counted in fingers.Nokia,ST Microelectronics , Infineon,SAP which are some of the large European Technology Companies  have either declined to a shadow of their former selves or in the process of doing so. US leads in innovation and research while Asia is a leader in manufacturing prowess.Even in the emerging Green Industry , Europe is losing hands down to others.Though this might be a controversial statement and is speculative , I think Europe is  extracting  a Levy or a Tax from the earnings of these Foreign Technology Companies through their price-fixing and anti-trust actions.Here is a list of some of the big regulatory actions against non-European Technology companies

  1. Europe fines Memory Makers 331 million Euros
  2. Europe fines Intel 1 Billion Euros
  3. Europe vs IBM
  4. Europe vs Google
  5. Europe fines Microsoft 1.3 Billion Dollars

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