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IBM crowd sourcing could see employed workforce shrink by three quarters

Trends toward contract work and unorganized work forces has the potential to change the cultural,social and economic facets of our society completely. Exponential growth in  computing power and communication has transformed our society a huge amount already and will continue to do so

How smart is your smartphone purchase

Low cost smartphones may kill the large margins of the current smartphone makers like RIMM and Apple faster and earlier than the margins of the earlier generic phone makers like Sony Ericcson,Motorola and Nokia

Albert Edwards: Global economy to roll over in six to nine months’ time; bearish for shares

SocGen is normally very bearish but their views are differnet and always worth examining

Ontario renewable energy ‘fee’ may be unconstitutional

With the growth of solar industry dependent on feed in tariffs from the governements,any change or challenge to FITs can have dramatic effect . With Spain rumored to do a retroactive cut on solar subisides and Ontario’s might be in trouble this could effect the solar industry in a negative way

Portugal Suffering Greek Debt Contagion Puts Pressure on EU’s Bond Markets

Its pretty much certain that all the European countries will face problems with their high debt levels . With low growth and increasing deficits , its only a matter of time when the bond markets face major changes in how these countries are run


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