SEC as is the case with most regulatory agencies, is trying to create more rules to prevent the 1000 point crash that happened on Thursday.From the bureaucrat’s point of view it makes sense .You create more rules which implies a bigger turf for you to play on. They have not figured out what caused the […]

As I have been writing in my earlier posts , EU leaders are continuing to put the blames of the EU debt crisis on “speculators” and the “Market” rather than themselves.They are not willing to see the core problems with the constitution of the EU itself where the monetary policy is common while the fiscal […]

China has recently been in the news over Internet Espionage on defense and sensitive installations in India and USA. This has led to the high profile exit of Google from China.Recently a Canadian research organization revealed/allegedĀ  how Chinese govt backed hackers had broken into Indian embassy and government computers.This has made the Indian government wary […]

Good news for the Bailout Cheerleading Gang as the top German Court refused to block the emergency aid to Greece which had been approved by the Legislature on Friday. Top Economists of Germany which had filed a petition to block the aid as it violated the EU Charter failed in persuading the court to stop […]

The last 2 weeks market gyrations have had their effect on the PIIGS. The rising interest rate on their bonds and the consequent effect on their economies is making the politicians sit up and take notice.While Merkel and Sarkozy the leaders of the 2 biggest EU countries play the “bad cop” routine of short squeezing […]

Last week the markets were hammered due to the spreading of the Greek contagion with Euro falling , sovereign debt CDS of the PIIGS increasing daily and markets dropping at a frightening pace. Give this backdrop you would expect some sort of a Weekend Measure from the EU which has come in this form of […]