India could join the elite ICBM club of 5 countries next year with the launch of Agni – V  whose design work has been completed and is on track for its first launch next year. Note India has a highly developed space launch capability regularly launching satellites not only for its own but also for […]

The Greek Contagion has led to indirect negative effects in unlikely places all over the world with the Swiss Central Bank being one of the casualties.The Chinese government has been under fire from other countries for manipulating its currency against the dollar to keep it undervalued but the Swiss have received little attention for doing […]

The Greek Contagion continues to negatively affect the world markets and the Euro.Despite a short covering rally in the Euro last week,it has not managed to hold the level and has continued its renewed slide.The Contagion Chronology of the European crisis makes for interesting reading.Asian markets which had not fallen much except for China also […]

The State of  Management of some of the European banks would seem funny  if it was not such a serious matter.According to Bloomberg ,Bank CajaSur which has almost 1% of Spain’s total bank assets was run by the Catholic Church.The new chairman whose primary job is that of a priest started his chairmanship by reading […]

Hedge Funds are generally regarded with a lot of suspicion and frequently accused by politicians of unnecessary speculation and irresponsible behaviour.But unlike politicians of many countries , Hedge Funds are faced with a “vote”  every 3 months based on their performance.If they fail to perform they go out of business in the true spirit of  […]

The sharp appreciation of the yuan against the Euro and the other currencies would make China think of depreciating the yuan against the dollar rather than expectations of appreciation by most non-Chinese Countries.The 15% Euro depreciation due to the Greek Contagion has had a devastating effect on low margin Chinese companies which run on paper […]