Landmark Nuclear Deal between US and India removes India’s pariah status The landmark Nuclear Energy deal signed between USA and India was supposed to herald the entry of India into a new Nuclear Age and remove the pariah status.India’s Pokhran nuclear tests in 1998 had led to international condemnation and nuclear sanctions as well as […]

President Obama declared $1.85 Billion in Combined Loan Guarantees to Concentrated Solar Power Giant Abengoa and Cadmium Tellurium startup Abound Solar.These huge guarantees is nothing new as other solar startups like Solyndra and Brightsource Energy have also  received hundreds of million dollars in Loan Guarantees from Department of Energy(DOE).I had written earlier about how US […]

The problems of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) operating in China seems to be growing by the day.Once the darling of MNCs around the world due to its cheap labor,strong infrastructure and supportive government,China is increasingly frustrating MNCs .The favoritism shown towards local companies is starting to hurt foreign companies in China.While foreign companies are looking to […]

It was earlier reported that China would promotes its CleanTech Industry through Electric Vehicle subsidies.It would give between $7000-9000 in subsidies to Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles.Note China is already a leader in Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles with both Japanese and American automajors looking to Chinese technology and production of Batteries for their new […]

The Oil Industry which had gone on the defensive with questions being raised about their commitment towards  environment and society has learned nothing from the BP Oil Spill.This disaster had brought  the lies,deception and corruption of  Oil Giant BP in plain sight of everyone.However the strong civil society backlash has failed to reform the Oil […]

First the European Union raised an alarm over shortage of 14 materials used in new age Green Industries most of which are found in China.Now the US is thinking of taking over the issue from the EU as it mulls options to take the case to the WTO ( World Trade Organization).China has 97% of […]