USA Solar Generation Target (2014) USA will reach 16 GW of PV generation capacity. According to US Solar Market Insight Report, the USA installed close to 1,133 MW of solar power in Q2 2014. More than half of the electricity generated in the first half of the year was solar. The report (done jointly by […]

Effect of the new trade sanctions on USA and other markets USA is going around in circles in trying to reduce imports of Chinese made solar products, as it is only benefiting other countries and raising the prices of solar energy in the country. Chinese imports of solar panels have reduced but other countries have […]

S0lar USA The fight between residential solar home owners and utilities is getting more intense and spread over more and more USA states every day. Utilities are fighting net metering tooth and nail in almost all states such as Wisconsin, Arizona, Utah etc. Utilities want the owners of solar panels to pay for using the […]

Solar Energy captures 2nd place as a source of Electricity- USA Solar energy has left its image of a niche energy source far behind and is becoming the number one or number two contributor to new electricity capacity additions in the USA and the other major developed countries. Though China added the most amount of […]

Module prices to increase in USA Solar system prices in the USA will not fall at the same rate, as a key component – solar panels become more expensive. USA is all set to include Taiwanese made solar cells as part of its anti-dumping measure on Chinese solar panel imports. This means that Chinese made […]

The growth of solar energy on rooftops by house owners has become the greatest threat and risk to utilities worldwide. The falling prices of solar panels and installations have made it increasingly attractive for rooftop owners to install solar modules. This has been helped by subsidies from governments, who want to encourage environment friendly energy. […]