Declining Rooftop Installations in Australia The new solar installations in Australia is declining. There is a major decline in the rooftop installations in Australia. As a result the country is facing a lot of job cuts in this sector. Basically the current government of Australia can be blamed for its deteriorating condition. Rooftop solar is […]

Australia imposing AD duties? Australia has once again restarted investigations into dumping of Chinese solar panels into the Australian solar market, due to a complaint received by a small insignificant solar panel maker Tindo Solar. Note this investigation had been terminated last year by the Australian government but due to an appeal, the whole process […]

More & more Households in Australia become “Solarized” Solar energy in Australia has boomed in the last few years, due to an influx of cheap Chinese imports of solar panels which has made solar energy very affordable. Despite the feed in tariff rates decreasing rapidly, the growth of solar systems has not slowed down. In […]

People’s Power Station in Australia Australia has been a truly remarkable success story for solar energy over the last 5 years. The country has seen more than a million homes comprising of 10% of the population, install solar systems on their houses. The federal government and state governments have both chipped in with feed in tariffs […]

China as a Boon for Australia Australia has seen its economy boom over the last 10 years, thanks to the voracious appetite for commodities from China. The growth in the minerals and mining sector has led to sharp GDP growth in the country which also managed to escape the global financial crisis in 2008. China […]

Solar Power vs. Electricity in Australia Australia has one of the highest penetration of residential solar systems in the world, thanks to generous subsides given by the state and the federal Governments. Unlike other parts of the world where solar installations have started with large solar farms; residential rooftop installations have powered Solar Energy in […]