Chinese Companies to open factories in USA to avoid Duties The Chinese companies may look to shift their factories abroad, as major trade partners are imposing new duties and restrictions on Chinese solar product imports. USA is planning to close the loopholes with regards to the anti-dumping and countervailing duties it had imposed on Chinese [...]

The Chinese Billionaire faces bankruptcy Xiaofeng Peng used to be one of the richest Chinese billionaires in 2008, when his company LDK Solar (LDK) went into an unprecedented expansion spree. The company which concentrated on making solar wafers made grandiose plans to build a huge polysilicon plant. The company took on massive amounts of debt [...]

GCL Poly Granted Credit Line In the wake of overcapacity and the Chinese Government’s decision to discontinue giving financial aid to 80% of its companies, another Chinese company was successful in bagging a whopping US$800 million (CNY 5 billion) from the China Development Bank. This decision came after GCL Poly (GCL) decided to get its [...]

Volume/ Price Quota by China Europe recently negotiated with China to set up a volume and price quota for solar panels imported from China. This was done to stop a potentially highly damaging trade war between these two blocs and prevent the complete decimation of the solar manufacturing industry in Europe. Europe set up a [...]

Chaori Solar Energy defaults its Bond Payments Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy has officially defaulted on its domestic bond payments after the company could not come up with the money to make a $14 million payment. Note many of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 solar panel makers in China are in deep trouble after a [...]

Jinko Solar buys Topoint Solar Factories Jinko Solar is all set to get the solar factories of Topoint group for a cheap price, as consolidation hits the Chinese solar industry. The solar boom in 2010 had led all sorts of industrial groups to enter the solar industry. Many of these new ventures neither have the [...]