Renesola forecasts 10% GM The Chinese overcapacity¬† has made even the top Chinese solar players run for cover, given the disastrous decline in prices across the solar supply chain. Renesola (NYSE:SOL) said that it foresess a 20% decline in solar panel and wafer prices in Q3 of 2016, as compared to the first half of […]

Industry watchers have been surprised by the sudden and sharp falling solar panel prices by around 10% in the last couple of months. Even the dramatic declines in solar panel prices in the last 5-7 years had not prepared the industry for this sudden precipitous decline in solar panel prices. The main reason for the […]

Windfall gain for Indian Solar Project Developers Chinese solar panel prices have fallen off a cliff over the last few months, due to overcapacity caused mainly due to falling Chinese demand. This has led to even more overcapacity being pushed out to foreign markets something akin to the steel industry. Prices have crashed and given […]

Global Electricity Transmission Grid China can really think big and execute even bigger. The country‚Äôs infrastructure planning is of mammoth scale and its state directed capitalism allows massive resources to be funneled into infrastructure projects. While the credit fueled expansion has been a concern for a long time for industry and economy watchers, the giant […]

Chinese Solar Inverters The Chinese solar panel producers have become dominant players in the global solar panel industry, with almost 7 out of the top 10 solar panel producers being from China. The solar inverter space had not seen inroads being made by the Chinese companies, as they were dominated by European companies such as […]

Solar panel Prices Solar panel prices have come under pressure in the last couple of months, with the revision in the feed in tariffs for solar projects in China. China has become the biggest demand source for solar panels accounting for 30% of the global demand. While other countries continue to be a stable market […]