Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble (PG) is amongst the leading consumer goods companies globally. It came into existence in 1837. The company has presence in more than 180 countries today, serving around 5 billion people across the globe. The company is a leading house hold brand name owning more than 180 brands currently. Though [...]

2015 may be a flat year in terms of solar demand growth with two of the largest markets Japan and China showing declining to flat demand respectively. Other markets such as India and USA will not pick up sharply enough to offset the fall in demand from Japan. However, the market is set to see [...]

LinkedIn LinkedIn (LNKD) is a professional networking website, providing services in more than 20 languages. The website allows its users to maintain a list of contact details of their connections. It is a very good platform to exchange the professional details amongst each other. Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates and job [...]

Effect of Price cuts on Solar & Wind Energy Sector The prices of oil have plummeted. IT is now just $60/ barrel as compared to $100/ barrel in July in USA. Let’s see who all will be affected. Oil is a major driving force behind our lives. The whole transportation and manufacturing industry will surely [...]

Japan to overtake China China had a target to install 14 GW of solar power by 2014. However the country has suffered from delays in solar projects currently, while Japan is fast treading towards solar goal of 10.3 – 11.9 GW solar installations. China is currently focusing more on rooftop installations. It plans to have [...]

Effect of US Anti-Dumping duties on China & Taiwan The US anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese and Taiwanese solar products has upended the global solar supply chain with manufacturers of both these countries setting / shifting factories in locations other than these two countries. We have already written about how Taiwanese cell makers are [...]