Vestas the No.1 Wind Turbine Manufacturer in the world has been hurt drastically from low cost competition from Asian companies particularly the Chinese Sinovel and Goldwind which have won massive chunks of marketshare.Vestas has seen a slowdown in demand for its Turbines as Western Markets have cooled off.Vestas was forced to dramatically restructure its operations laying off thousands of workers mainly from its domestic Denmark base.The company is now targeting the fastest growing segment of the Wind Power Market- Offshore Wind Energy.Note a number of companies in the Wind Turbine Industry are testing or introducing Offshore Wind Turbines.Siemens,Gamesa,GE are all looking to steal a first mover advantage in this segment.Even shipbuilders like Daewoo,Hyundai,Northrop Gruman are making aggressive moves in the offshore wind market.

The Biggest Disadvantage of Renewable Energy is the relatively higher cost of most forms of alternative energy compared to fossil fuel sources of energy.This has prevented the higher penetration of clean energy as compared to the non-renewable sources of energy.Also the massive old energy lobbies have successfully used their massive influence and power to inhibit the growth of renewable sources of energy.The recent lobbying by oil and gas firms like the Koch Brothers and Valero is quite pertinent.Note the oil and gas lobbies receive almost 10 times the subsidy received by clean energy sources like wind and solar despite their massive established bases.

The importance of Clean and Renewable Energy is growing driven by the twin factors of increasing fossil fuel prices and Global Warming.Other factors contributing to the importance and growing use of Alternative Energy is national energy security as geopolitical tensions in major oil and gas countries grows by the day.Also renewable sources of energy like solar energy promote the democratization of energy production which is centralized by power utilities today.There are a number of alternative sources of energy such as solar,wind,geothermal,tidal,hydro and nuclear energy.Some people may not consider nuclear and hydro energy to be green but it is a fact that these 2 energy sources do not produce GHG emissions and cannot be classified as fossil fuels sources.Each clean energy source has its own advantages and many of the pros overlap with each other as well.However each Green Energy source has its unique benefits which define and separate it from the other clean sources.While Renewable Energy advantages over Non-Renewable can be easily be understood as

Chinese companies have risen from virtually nothing 5 years ago to become Top 5 Global Wind Energy Players.The Chinese companies have seen massive growth on the back of a strongly growing domestic market.China which now accounts of 50% of the world Wind Turbine market in 2010 is expected to see continued strong growth with the Chinese government setting a target of more than 100 GW by 2015.The growth of the Chinese Turbine Producers has been mainly due to the domestic content requirement set by the Chinese government earlier.The government owned utilities also favor the domestic companies leading to their astounding growth.

Wind Power has come under attack in the USA focused around the Cape Wind Project off the eastern shore.The project which was conceived over 10 years ago has not managed to still build the Wind Farm due to countless number of lawsuits filed for myriad reasons most of which are quite groundless.However some of the reasons have some solid facts behind the opposition to Wind Energy.Note Wind Energy unlike other forms of fossil fuel energy should have much less opposition however it is not so.Unlike Coal,Gas and Oil Energy it does not lead to increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions and contribute to pollution.It does not lead to deaths of hundreds of miners each year nor has the danger of a catastrophic nuclear meltdown leading to death and disability of thousands.It also does not have the drawback of massive ocean pollution leading to an ecological disaster.However there are still protests against building of Wind Power Capacity and this article examines them in details.At the outset let me mention that advantages of Wind Power far outweighs the Disadvantages.

The Pros of Wind Energy far outweighs the Cons of Wind Power leading to massive amounts of wind power capacity being installed in almost every part of the world.Wind Power already generates majority of the electricity in countries like Denmark and almost 1/5th in countries with proactive renewable energy policies such as Spain,Germany and Portugal.Wind Power has great potential in USA,China and India which are driving the growth of Wind Power in the world.South America particularly Brazil are also showing strong interests in building up wind farms in the country.The recent increase in the price of oil and the dangers of Nuclear Energy further emphasize the importance of Wind Power Energy.