Wind Power in India forms the biggest Renewable Energy Sector in India with an annual investment of around $2.5-3.5 Billion a year and a capacity installation of around 1-2 Gw a year.The Wind Industry in India has shown tremendous growth to become the 5th largest global market by installed capacity which totaled around 13 GW by end 2010.With the government of India mandating a target of 15% from Renewable Energy by 2020 from 6% now,Wind Energy stands to gain immensely.A Number of Private Companies like Caparo,Technoelectric,KSK,Orient Green Power,Greenko have newly entered the Wind Electricity sector and are setting up hundreds of megawatts of capacity each.Wind Energy Companies in India have also rushed to set up Wind Turbine Equipment Manufacturing alone or in JV with foreign partners while Global WTG Companies like Siemens,GE are adding to their Indian factories as well.States like Maharashtra which are low on Green Energy Capacity are giving additional incentives and subsidies to promote the use of Wind Energy while low speed Wind sites are being targeted as well.

China Wind Power Market has become the biggest in the world with more than 18 GW of capacity installed in one single year Note China has managed to double its capacity each year since 2005 and at the end of 2010 Wind Capacity totalled 44 GW which makes China the biggest Wind Power country in the world overtaking the USA.China has now got 7 of the Top 15 Global Wind Turbine Manufacturers and 2 of the Top 3 WTG Companies.China’s Massive Demand for Energy has made power plants mushroom in the country where more than 70% of the electricity is met by Coal.Wind Energy still forms only a small part of the power mix at less than 7% of the total power capacity and serves only a fraction of the Kwh of electricity given the lower load factor of Wind Power.Note Wind Power has grown in China as its Advantages as a Clean Source of Energy far outweigh its Cons.However the rapid demand growth has made a top inevitable as a country can only install that many megawatts in a year.

India’s Wind Energy Market is the 5th largest in the world and is the biggest renewable energy sector in India (non-hydro).Wind Power forms almost 70% of the Alternative Energy Capacity in the country and will have an important role to play to meet India’s target of 10% Renewable Energy from Electricity by 2020.Wind Energy is very cost effective in terms of cost and is approaching Gas Electricity Prices.Combined with the favorable tax treatment,accelerated depreciation,subsidies by different sates,Wind Energy has become the favored Green Energy Sector for investment by large private sector companies.Wind Power Plants are increasing in number and scale as larger companies like Caparo enter the Wind Power Sector.Wind Turbine Manufacturers in India are fast expanding capacity and investment to capitalize on this opportunity.Suzlon remains the Bid Daddy of the Wind Industry in India,however a number of foreign and domestic Wind Turbine Manufacturers are giving it a run for its money.Global Wind Turbine Leaders like Siemens,Enercon,GE have started Wind Turbine Equipment Manufacturing in India in recent times to lower their costs.Here is a list of the Major Wind Turbines available in India of different types and capacities from the various Different Wind Manufacturers.

Wind Power Plants has seen a phenomenal growth of around 33% CAGR in the last 5 years and the total capacity at end of 2010 was 11800 MW with most of the capacity installed in the state of Tamil Nadu which is the largest state in terms of Alternative Energy Capacity in India.GWEC has set an ambitious target of 65 GW for Wind Energy in India by 2020 which means an addition of 5 GW each year which seems too high given the wind power potential in India is only around 65 GW.However using low wind speed sites may increase the potential besides the use of offshore wind power in India.A number of Wind Turbine Manufactures in India have set up facilities attracted by the domestic market with Suzlon being the biggest Wind Company in India.
The Indian Wind Energy already has the 5th largest installed capacity in the world and is set to grow at a rapid pace driven by investments from the private sector attracted by the generous wind subsidies from the state and central government in India.Most of the Installed Wind Capacity in India is located in the southern and industrial states of the country.The other states like UP,Bihar lacks sufficient Wind Energy Capacity despite having high power tariffs and substantial electricity deficits.It can be said that Wind Power in India is being developed only in the progressive states like Gujarat,Maharashtra and others.To continue to grow at the same rate,the industry needs to diversify geographically but that would need the backward state governments to pull up their socks.

American Superconductor (AMSC) which is one of the top rated wind stock in the US crashed by more than 40% as its largest customer AMSC is mainly a seller wind turbine core electrical components and full wind turbine electrical control systems (ECS).It has also made pilot sales of high capacity super conducting equipment to some customer like Tres Amigas.Sinovel which is also the 2nd biggest Wind Power Company in the world refused to take contracted shipments of wind turbine core electrical components and spare parts.The reason given was high inventory levels but the company failed to explain why Sinovel which is a multi billion dollar company has refused to pay AMSC for certain contracted shipments made in fiscal year 2010.Note $56 million in payments related to Fiscal 2010 quarters have been not paid to AMSC ( which would have been recognized as revenue).None of this was disclosed till now leading to a class action shareholder lawsuit against the company.It is quite perplexing why your largest customer will not pay you for past shipments and then cancel shipments as well.Is it because of some acrimony or is just Sinovel using its massive size to squash a small supplier.

Renewable Energy is one of the most read about and discussed topics in the world however various misconceptions remain about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy.Note Renewable Energy is a a very large topic and encompasses many different alternative energy forms which have their own distinct pros and cons.A Better Way to understand and explain Renewable Energy would be to look at each different forms of Clean Energy like Solar,Wind,Nuclear,Hydro,Tidal,Biomass and Geothermal Energy.Renewable Energy itself compared to Fossil Fuel forms of Non-Renewable Energy has substantial advantages and some disadvantages as well the biggest of which is Cost.Also note Fossil Fuel Energy has got a massive established base,industry and lobby.